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July Blogging Results and August Goals

T-minus 2 weeks and the kids will be back at school! It’s somewhat of a relief if you ask me. This momma be like, woohoo, party time!! Okay not really. I guess I’ll miss ’em, a little 😉 There’s so much to do this month to prep for my kids being back in school, and actually I have a new job in the works which I’ve kept quiet about, but that has been keeping me very occupied as well!

So this past month has been really busy. I haven’t been able to focus as much as I would’ve liked to on my blog. But I’m still very happy with my results! I always post a recap of the past month to show how I did with my personal and blogging goals, so let’s do this! Let’s start with last month and what I wanted to achieve.

Personal July Goals

Relax and get a tan. So how’d I do? Well, we went on a beach vacation for the first week of July and I did try my best to work on my legs being slightly less blindingly white. So, I’d say it was a success indeed!

Slow cooker meals/ meal prep. I wish I could say this past month was a success, but I can only say I succeed about 50%. I did do a lot of veggie and fruit prep which has kept my family eating WAY healthier! So I’m proud of myself in that aspect.

Blogging July Goals

Social Media Sharing Platforms. Eeeek, nope. I did look into this, but the type of platform I needed is never the free kind. So I ended up skipping out on that and just doing my usual sharing on my Facebook groups. Which are the best way I have found to get my content out there!

Guest Posts. I am currently working to get some posts up and am working on content with some guest bloggers. Still in the works! But am excited about some of the inquiries I’ve had. If you’re interested in guest blogging, pls contact me!

Blog Growth. Reaching out to companies for opportunities has happened a lot this past month and I’ve had great success with that. I have one job in the works that will be $350 compensation, just for one post. YAY! Stuff like this makes the hard work all worth it! And since I kept up my monthly page views right around where I like them (20k) things are only looking up!

Personal August Goals

5k Training. I’d love to start training for a 5k. Sure, it’s weird that I’m saying that in August. It’s more of a new years resolution thing, but in my mind, every day is a brand new day, and you can always start a new goal no matter what day of the year it is!

Fall Decor Setup. I told myself I’d wait till September to decorate for Fall, but I am just so ready for pumpkin everything to consume me. Welcome FALL!!

Hubby’s Birthday. So my hubs is turning 31 this year, and last year was less than impressive as far as how we celebrated. So I’d love to make it up to him and create a fantastic birthday for my special guy.

Blogging August Goals

Stay above 20k. Seems easy enough, but this first week of August I’ve been SLACKING. I’ve got to make sure I’m setting aside time specifically for blogging.

Once a Week Posting. Guys, for reals, slacking is SOOOO easy when you are busy. But if you don’t stay consistent, your numbers get all screwed up! Writing is fun for me, but in summer when my kids are home, it is so incredibly hard to find time to do it! In August, once a week or more, is what I’m aiming for.

Update My Email Signup Freebie. Right now I have a Summer Bucket list when you sign up for my emails, but I need something for fall that fits in nicely. Will be working on this asap!


What are you up to this August? Are your kids back in school already? I heard some places were! What plans do you have this fall? Share below…

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