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My Travel Bag Essentials

I received some of these products free. However, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

With summer in full swing, I’m sure many of us, if not most of us, have gone on some mini vacations or have at least traveled a little bit. (And if you haven’t, get off your phone or computer and go somewhere! 😉 ) Now before any I do any traveling, I have to make sure I have my travel bag essentials ready to go.

I rarely take flights or go on long trips, this is more like road trip, over night type of traveling. My family has already gone on a couple of trips and I already want to go on more.. I feel like summer is just so short and with all of the stores shoving back-to-school crap down our throats, it can be hard to enjoy these last few weeks. If you have a chance, take another road trip, stay overnight somewhere new. Just do it. Life’s too short.

So you wanna know what I pack in my travel bag?

  • My Camera, DUH. I would be devastated if we went on a trip and I forgot my camera. Sure iPhones will work, but you cannot get the picture quality a good vacation deserves with an iPhone. Let’s be real here.


  • Scarf. When we go to the beach, it is always chilly there. Even in the dead of summer. Which is why I always be sure to pack a sweater and a scarf. These light airy ones are eve great for just dressing up a white t-shirt in the summer.


  • My makeup essentials. In my makeup bag, you will always find a nail file, Bite Lipstick, and my Yves Saint Laurent . Can’t leave home without these!  They are great for quick touch ups and fixes.

My Travel Bag Essentials

  • iPhone Charger. Does this even need to be on the list? Probably not. But if you forget your phone or mac charger, you’re pretty much dead. Welcome to 2017 people. Where we cannot survive without our iPhones.

My travel bag essentials

  • My MacBook and a couple of good books.I really did try to get some reading in at the beach a few weeks back, but for us moms out there, if you are at the beach with children under the age of 7, you WILL NOT get any reading done. You just won’t. But I always bring them, just incase. LOL More like wishful thinking..

My Travel Bag Essentials

  • Probiotics. If you guys have never tried Nexabiotic from Dr.Formulas you need to. I’m going to be honest, when we go out of town, I do not eat my regular, healthy food. I like to indulge and eat the local goodies. There’s nothing wrong with that! But what happens is, my stomach always gets upset. Every single time we go somewhere.

My Travel Bag Essentials

So why use probiotics? Our typical diets are not usually diverse enough to maintain optimal probiotic levels. Our food supply is now more processed, sterilized, and loaded with more antibiotics than ever before. So what are these probiotics? Probiotics do everything from helping to break down food, providing essential nutrients like vitamin K, and keeping the competing bad bacteria at bay. Probiotic supplements are one of the most popular health supplements because they actually work to help maintain digestive health.

Nexabiotic in particular has been formulated to cover all bases in terms of probiotics. Nexabiotic provides your digestive tract 23 different kinds of probiotics at a substantial dose (34.5 billion CFUs) which helps restore digestive balance. Not only that but Nexabiotic capsules are also specially engineered so that its high-quality probiotics survive the harsh stomach acid and make it into the gut where they need to be. How cool is that? Not only that but they also make capsules of children! These have helped my kids out so much.. And happy kids means happy mom. Have you tried probiotics yet? You can check out Dr. Formulas here.

My Travel Bag Essentials


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  1. You are so right about not getting any reading done when you are at the beach with younger children. Mine is eight and I tried. No dice. I just wouldn’t be able to read more than half a page. At that point it gets too annoying for me 😉
    Alexandra recently posted…Why I Prefer Real Leather For Bags And ShoesMy Profile

  2. I used to pack so many thing that I don´t need… Living and learning! Thanks for your tips!

  3. I’m a big fan of face wipes and baby wipes. I feel like I can get out of many situations with a wipey nearby. Travel-sized contact solution is a must when I’m flying with a carry-on or else I get stuck buying a whole bottle that I can’t bring back. Whenever I land at my destination, I like to stock up on drinks and snacks at a nearby grocery store or pharmacy so I don’t have to pay the hotel’s steep prices. I haven’t traveled with my 6-month-old yet, but I can’t wait until we can start experiencing that with her.
    Sarah | Baby Brain recently posted…What’s The Best Double Umbrella Stroller?My Profile

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