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DIY Back-to-School Box Tops Holder

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Are you guys as excited about back-to-school as this mommy is?! FREEDOM!! Haha, but no seriously, I am super excited about our family’s schedule getting back to normal and not having to worry about entertaining my kids 24/7. And with school starting in just a few weeks, it’s time for me to begin my shopping.

Stocking up on all of my family’s necessities is one thing I make sure to get done before things start getting too hectic. Things like toilet paper, paper towels (which we blow through in a couple weeks), and of course tissues. Luckily Walmart has plenty of these products in stock. Walmart is of course this mom’s go-to store when it comes to shopping on a budget. The basic items I like to stock up on before school starts are..

Kleenex® Trusted Care* 3 Bundle Pack

Kleenex® Trusted Care* 4 Bundle Pack

Scott® Tissue 20 Roll Pack

Viva® Vantage® 6 Big Rolls


Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

What’s cool about Kleenex Facial tissue is that they come with box tops, so giving back to our school is easier than ever! With Box Tops on these everyday items, back-to-school shopping is so much simpler for me. I can’t be the only one who gets excited at seeing Box Tops right? I mean, as a mom who collects these religiously for my kids’ school throughout the year, I saw these and was instantly like, JACKPOT!!!

Now that I have all of these Box Tops, I thought it would be a great idea to create a special DIY Box Tops holder for my kiddos. Usually my daughter cuts the Box Tops out and they lay all over my desk until I end up gluing them onto the school sheets. So creating a holder was definitely on my to-do list.

Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

My kids love the creative, fun designs that the Kleenex boxes already have, especially since they feature their favorite characters. Those awesome boxes get displayed in their bathrooms and bedrooms! But I wanted one that was unique for the Box Tops. So I decided to take one of the boxes that didn’t feature a character and cover it with a brown paper bag for a nice neutral background.

Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

I had a few crafty pieces lying around that I knew would look cute and “schoolish” for the holder. But all you’re really going to need for this is…

  • 1 brown paper bag
  • scissors
  • glue stick (or hot glue gun)
  • fun craft decor (or let the kids pick out their own)
  • Kleenex facial tissue box

First we’re going to cut up the bag so it’s nice and flat. If you have brown wrapping paper, that would work great too. How you cut this is super simple, if you remember doing this for school in the 90’s like me, it’ll be a breeze 😉 Basically you just cut off the bottom and then open her up!

Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

TaDa! Now you simply wrap up the box like you would a Christmas present. You won’t need the entire brown bag, you could probably wrap two Kleenex tissue boxes with the one bag.

Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

After wrapping, you will need to cut a small rectangle on top where your kids can insert the Box Tops. After that, have the kids go crazy with decorating! I got fun little ABC letters to add to it which I think are so stinking cute. Another fun idea would be to personalize them for your kids. My two ALWAYS fight over who gets what and to have assigned boxes is not a bad idea!!

Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

I wanted to add a little something on the top because the hole looked kind of, meh. I found some cute school ribbon that I thought would be perfect for the top. Plus it covered up any accidental cuts I may have had on the wrapping! I used the hot glue gun for this part.

Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

I had my kids add on some fun stickers and there you have it. The cutest little Box Tops holder I have ever seen. And what makes this more fun is that the kids decorated it themselves, which in turn makes them want to collect MORE Box Tops, which in turn will help their school out even more! It’s a huge win win for everyone!


Back-to-School Box Tops Holder #BoxTopsHero

The Kleenex tissue boxes are by far the best way to create a unique and fun Box Tops holder for your kids. Walmart is the best place to get those and all of your back-to-school necessities. The displays were super easy to find. I found the packages of Kleenex tissue boxes near the entrance where all of the back-to-school products are being showcased right now.

Do you have a unique way of storing Box Tops in your house? Have you picked up all of your back-to-school supplies yet? Since these products are on your shopping list anyway, head to Walmart, be a hero and save!

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  1. Interesting. I totally never thought to use box tops this way.

  2. That a fun way to store School Box Tops. I remember collecting these when I was a grade school.
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  3. This is such a cute DIY that you and your kids can make! My 4 year old starts preschool soon and we are definitely going to make this!
    katriza recently posted…Get Ready for School with the Back to School Collection from Gymboree!My Profile

  4. Neely Moldovan

    I forgot about box tops! I remeber those and had no idea they were still a thing. Love this box top holder! So cute!

  5. This is Adorable!!!! We save box tops and they end up in all kinds of odd places. Having an adorable box like this would be perfect.

  6. I can remember trying to collect these box tops and how I kept tossing (by accident) or simply losing them. Thank you for these ideas!

  7. What a creative and clever way to store Box Tops. I currently keep mine in a plastic baggie in a drawer in my kitchen!
    Heather Johnson recently posted…Burlap Ribbon Summer Flower Wreath CraftMy Profile

  8. this is the greatest diy project for the kids to get into. plus it makes me happy that school is just a short time away
    Janella Panchamsingh recently posted…My Favourite Beauty Finds + Exciting NewsMy Profile

  9. robin rue

    That is a great idea. Much more clever than the Ziploc hanging on my fridge that I normally keep mine in LOL!

  10. Super cute! One of my fondest memories was my dad and I made my school pencil box. I bet kids would love to make these box tops with their family.
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