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May Results and June Goals

It’s June you guys! And you know what that means, new monthly goals! And not to mention the kids are almost out of school. Summer for this mama means being super busy with activities for the kiddos, while simultaneously trying to stay on top of my blog.

We are going to start off the summer break by having the kids attend VBS, then it’s off to 2 different basketball camps for my son, followed by 2 weeks of swimming lessons for 2 kids, then our week long beach trip is somewhere in there too. And of course in the middle of this I’m just here trying not to lose my mind!

I don’t know why they call it a “break”. A break for the kids from school work, sure. But as parents, we get even more busy in the summer months. Well, here’s to hoping we all get through these next couple months without losing all of our hair!

Since it’s June now, I want to do a recap post of the past month for my personal and blogging goals. I dropped the ball on quite a few this month, but also surpirisingly excelled in areas I wasn’t even aiming for. So whoop whoop for me!

May Personal Goals

  • Gym at least 4 times a week.

Uhm, well no that didn’t happen. I did go a total of 10 times in May, which is really not that bad! That’s an average of 2-3 times a week. I’ll take that as a win..

  • Less Starbucks

You know what? I actually did well with it this month. I made my Copycat Iced Caramel Macchiato at home 50% of the time. Saving me about $75. Yay me!!

  • Drink more water.

Hmm, I didn’t do so well with this one. I do take water to the gym with me and I did go to the gym a lot more, so that’s something I guess.

May Blogging Goals

  • Get Sponsored Posts

I was blown away with the opportunities I’ve had this past month. I gained a total of 4 sponsored posts, which brought my total income for sponsored posts alone to $900. I am blown away and so grateful for these opportunities. If you want to check those posts out here they are-

  1. My Workout Routine & Post Workout Snack
  2. How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin This Summer
  3. How to Have an Awesome Summer Day
  4. 6 Summer Wardrobe Essentials 


  • Posts 2-3 times a week

Success!! I posted a total of 10 times in May and that consistency payed off in my page views! I reached an all time high for page views in a month with a total of 15,820. That may not seem like a lot to most, but for me that is a new record and I am beyond thankful for the success God is giving me!

I do not even remember writing this down. As you can see, I failed horribly with this goal. Yikes. Ok, moving on!!!

  • Update About Me Page

I did do this, but didn’t get my page to where I’m completely happy with it. It’s still a work in progress.

  • Grow my subscribers list

So this one I finally got around to working on at the end of the month. I added an awesome free summer printable that I’m hoping will draw in some new subscribers. Fingers crossed! (Sign up on the right!!) —>>

June Personal Goals

  • Cut down on the yelling.

This sounds awful, and it is. It is just too easy for me to lose my temper and yell at my kids. And I hate that I do this. I want to be the shining light in my house. The calmness. The happiness. The one they can come to and know they will be supported. I’m the mom. And I need to set the tone in my house. That is my responsibility, and I need to do better.

  • Stop eating so much sugar.

I really love sugar. I have a major sweet tooth. My first email as a teenager was skittlelover. I. Love. Sugar. But I seriously need to cut it out, not completely, but cut back on the everyday intake!

  • Write down a “Bible verse of the day” and share it with my kids.

I’ve been thinking about how much joy having my Bible app on my phone has brought me and how much it helps me everyday. And I’d like to share that with my kids. I figure I’ll write down a verse of the day for them to see every morning. And it will instill in their minds the importance of staying in God’s Word everyday.

June Blogging Goals

  • Attempt Pinterest Cleanup again!

I’ve got to get to this this month. Pinterest is just a huge source of traffic and something as bloggers we have got to focus if we want to be successful.

  • Dare I say 20,000 page views?

I can’t really fathom getting that many page views, but I feel like if I put enough effort and work into it, it can happen! My main goal when I started this was not to be the biggest or the best, make the most money or produce a huge income. It just wasn’t my goal, and still isn’t. But I think setting realistic goals for my blog does push me to reach more people and try my best at the task God has given me.

  • Work on a look of consistency

I want my blog to be easy on the eyes. I want the colors to match and for everything to flow nicely. But I don’t want boring black and white. I’m not contemporary and it doesn’t fit well with my content. So making everything look good together is something I will be working on this month.

  • Go easy

It’s summer, and with that comes being with our kids more and spending that quality time. I don’t want my blog to take up all of the time I should be spending with my kids. This is where scheduling comes in handy! I’ll be putting in just as much effort as I have in every other month, but this month might mean late nights and early mornings 🙂 Which I don’t mind AT ALL.


I think the goals this month are realistic and definitely doable! What are YOUR goals for this month? Comment below!

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  1. These are some great goals. You have inspired me to write down some weekly and monthly goals so I can complete some projects that I have been trying to complete for months.
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  2. Your May results are really awesome. Hope you succeed in your June goals.
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  3. That’s awesome to get 4 sponsor posts in one month. It sounds like May was a great month. I like setting realistic goals too.

  4. Dana

    I love that you write down your goals and then hold yourself accountable to them! And it’s ok if you missed some (like pinterest!) but it’s such a nice feeling to see what you DID accomplish!!

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