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The Beginners Guide to NoFollow Links

Last week I wrote a post about my Top 10 WordPress Plugins. And I thought a great follow up to that post would be to go over dofollow and nofollow links.

When I started out, I literally had no clue what these links meant. It was all very foreign to me. What the heck is a follow link? Well let’s define what each of these links are first. Then we’ll talk about when and how to use them.

“DoFollow Links”

What are follow links you ask? Well, it all starts with SEO. When you have a post that links to your site, (for instance, a fellow blogger shares one of your posts on their blog and gives you a dofollow link back to your site) google gives your page a small SEO boost! Pretty cool right? The more inbound links, the more google says, hey that site must be pretty awesome! This in turn helps your page score highly with google. And obviously you want that. You will show up higher in search results as well. SCORE!

How to get dofollows. Well that all starts with great content. If you are writing pieces other people are interested in and will benefit from reading, you might just get a lot of sites linking back to yours. If you get picked up by huge sites, that will influence your traffic immensely. You can also get some dofollow links by guest posting on other blogs which will again, bring lots of traffic your way..

Dofollows are awesome for helping out sites that are similar to yours, and in return if you get some do follows, that’s awesome for your traffic and rankings with Google.

“NoFollow Links”

Now, here’s the term every newbie blogger hears and goes, “whaaaat??” In the beginning, I had to research and do some investigating of my own before I figured out what the heck a nofollow link was. To make it plain and simple, a nofollow link is a link that doesn’t give any boost to the fellow site. Which means it doesn’t make google pay attention to that site any more than it normally would, hence the “nofollow”. Nothing special. Just a link.

When I first started blogging, I got a lot of inquiries from companies who wanted to work with me and PAY me, and they also wanted FOLLOW links. Don’t ever agree to this. If you are providing links and getting compensation, they should be no-follow. Plain and simple. Google can and will penalize you for not following this rule.

Unfortunately, people will try time and time again to take advantage of newbie bloggers. There’s no way around it. I would just advise making sure you are working with reputable companies.

Now you may be asking, how do I even add no-follow links into my posts? Well don’t worry, I’ll show you how right now.

Adding a no-follow link is as easy as switching to the “text” version of your blog post and inserting “rel=”nofollow” to your link. Still don’t quite get it? Check out the example below..


Just One Mommy’s Opinion is the text we are adding a link to..


*Do Follow <a href=””>Just One Mommy’s Opinion</a>

*No-Follow <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Just One Mommy’s Opinion</a>


It’s as easy as that!

Now, for an even simpler approach, you can download the Plugin called “Title and Nofollow for Links”, or any other plugin that adds nofollows, and when you want to add a link you simply click on the icon and it gives you an option to make it nofollow. This is a LOT easier than doing it manually. I highly recommend getting a plugin to make your work more simple.

Simply check the Add rel=”nofollow” box and you’re all set. I also always check the “open in new tab” box. I HATE clicking on a link and losing the page I was on. Grrr..

Finding That Balance

With everything in life, finding a balance is best. Having too much of one or the other will in the end hurt your ranking with Google. Both can useful and used, just make sure you don’t overdue it!

I hope this post helped you out somewhat when it comes to adding links on your blog. Do you use nofollow and dofollow links? Comment below!


  1. Rosey

    It’s always good to have tips like these. There are so many ‘rules’ to find out when you blog, and I think this is the biggest one.

  2. This article was very helpful. I need to go back and fix my links. I may try the plugin you recommend too!

    1. Yeah, give it a try. It makes it a whole lot easier!

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