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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Feel Better!

10 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to feel better!

When you’re having a rough day, it can be easy to mope around and feel depressed. Today was one of those days for me. It was rough. Not because of one particular thing, it was just all around not a great day. Not sure why. Devil wanted to bring me down, and unfortunately I feel as though I let him. Yes, even Christians have bad days.

Stress from relationships, stress from kids, too many things on my to-do list, whatever it was.. I have learned from experience that it is neither healthy nor constructive to allow sadness and stress to take over your thoughts and feelings. It’s a rut! And I want to share with you 10 things I personally do to quickly change my mood to a much more positive one!

1. Hit the GYM.

Sweat the stress out. Sweat the anger out. It helps a lot! And don’t forget to mix things up at the gym sometimes. Don’t always do the same machines or use the same routine. That can get boring.

2. Listen to your favorite music.

Turning on music that I can loudly sing along to instantly boosts my mood. I play worship music and it helps me relax and get my head back to where it needs to be.

3. Go for a walk.

Getting outside and breathing some fresh air is proven to boost your mood. “A new study shows that the brain produces more of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days than on darker days. Researchers say the findings provide more evidence that lack of sunlight and reduced serotonin levels are important in the development of seasonal affective disorder.” – WebMD 

4. Eat some dark chocolate!

Who knew dark chocolate was good for your heart? Why not snack on some when your feelings gloomy? “Dark chocolate helps restore flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels.” – Science Daily

5. Watch a movie that makes you LOL.

We all have those movies that will make us laugh no matter what mood we are in. Let’s see, Nacho Libre, Anchorman, Zoolander, Young Frankenstein… Those are just a few of mine 😉

6. Treat Yo’self.

Getting your hair or nails done will instantly put you in a better mood. There’s something about being pampered that is just beyond words, amazing. Spa day anyone?

7. Take your vitamins every day.

Something very important to remember is that taking your vitamins will keep you strong and healthy, mentally and physically! I will occasionally take some Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets, which according to bebrainfit, 5-HTP works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of the chemical serotonin. Serotonin can affect sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation. Since 5-HTP increases the synthesis of serotonin, it is used for several diseases where serotonin is believed to play an important role including depression, insomnia, obesity, and many other conditions.

8. Play with your pets.

I don’t know why, but when I’m feeling down, snuggling with my furbaby gives me comfort and relieves stress. Even if you play with your pooch for only few minutes a day, it will bring a smile to your face!

9. Hug someone!

I LOVE hugs! Why doesn’t love a good bear hug? When my hubby embraces me, there is no better feeling in the world than that feeling of protection and love. It’s probably my favorite thing in this world, hug from my love..

10. And lastly, allow yourself to vent.

Venting lets you get things off your chest. Releasing that stress is beyond necessary if you want your mood to improve. So find someone who does’t mind listening to you vent, (just as long as you don’t do it all the time, that’s just beyond annoying!) and let the stress just melt away.

I hope these tips help you out today if you’re having a rough day. What is your go-to stress reliever? Share below!

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  1. Great article. I try and do as much as I can but it’s tough with two toddlers.

  2. Great article! Actually, I just started re-taking vitamins as an energy booster. As a mom, it really is not easy to juggle things around and look after my toddler. Thanks to this great read! Something I needed right now.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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