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Trip to The Bay Area Day Two

My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on April 5th. It was a huge milestone and we decided to have some fun and head up to Northern Cali. After visiting Healdsburg, Goat Rock State Beach, and Stand Rosa, Ca on our first day, we decided we needed to visit San Francisco as well.

You can’t go to Northern California without going to San Francisco and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I have never walked across this bridge and it has always been on my bucket list! I was beyond excited that my husband agreed to do it with me.

Before we started the walk across the bridge, we stopped at Vista Point (which is on the Northern side of the bridge) to take some pictures. There you will also find the Lone Sailor Statue.

Here’s our view from Vista Point..

I’ll admit it is a bit scary the first time you go. You do not realize how high the bridge really is until you get up there yourself. I’m not scared of heights, but this was a bit more scary because the cars are zipping past you and the bridge is moving and you feel like if another car drives by the bridge will give way!

The entire walk across from one side to the other is approximately 1.7 miles and you can easily walk across the whole thing and back. We only went about half way because we were starving, hehe, and didn’t want to spend that long walking. But the views were incredible. You can also bike the bridge by renting bikes from a nearby rental location. You have to be careful though, the people who bike this bridge go insanely quick and assume you know where to walk. There is a designated side for bikes and one for people to walk.

The pictures don’t compare to the beauty you experience when you are there in person. It is breathtaking… Here’s some amazing  views of San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge..

It may not look scary from the pictures, but you are very high up!

Channeling his inner Spiderman..

I just love how majestic this bridge is. You just don’t know how big and beautiful it is until you see it close up like this. If you get the chance, DO IT!

The hubs didn’t care who saw him, he was having fun! Love this picture of him..

Sure it wasn’t sunny, it was actually quite misty that day, with sprinkles every so often, but we had a blast on that bridge. If you are visiting Northern Cali, make sure to put this on your list.

After the bridge, we decided t do something a little crazy and a whole lotta romantic. Yes, tattoos can absolutely be romantic! And there’s no better place to get tatted up than San Francisco.. Moth and Dagger caught our eye and we headed there next.

This was my hubby’s first tattoo, my second. I told him I’ve been wanting our anniversary date in roman numerals for a long time, so here was the opportunity. We went with a cool type writer type font and they turned out fantastic! Thank you Joe Kelly for fitting us in last minute!

I’m ready! I wanted mine on my right arm, hubby got it on the left.

Here’s the after. Sorry for the bad picture quality!!

After we got poked with a needle, we were hungry! SO we headed to the nearest Diner to grab some burgers. We ended up going to a place very near to the Moth and Dagger tattoo parlor, Lori’s Diner. This place was awesome! The food, the atmosphere, we were pleasantly surprised.

Yes, they have an actual car in the dining room. You can even eat on the back of it! See the table? It was just a fun place, again, highly recommended!

*Hubby was trying an orange cream ice cream shake, delish!*

We each got the signature burgers and were thrilled with what we received. First of all we were starving from our walk and tattoos, it was late in the afternoon and hadn’t eaten anything yet! The burger was HUGE, had 4 slices of bacon, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and a mountain of sweet potato fries! It. Was. So. Yummy.

That’s MY plate. Yes, I ate the entire thing. I did not share. I was hungry. And I am unashamed!!!!

All and all, our second day of our anniversary trip was wonderful! Full of firsts for us.

Have you ever walked across the Golden Gate Bridge? Do you have any crazy tattoo stories? Comment below!!

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  1. You guys are too cute! I love the tats! I have been to Southern Cali, but Northern is on my list! I want to see the bridge and Alcatraz!
    Echo recently posted…Quick Like A Bunny CupcakesMy Profile

  2. Ah!! This brings back old memories. I was there a few years ago and did enjoy my trip, and the time I spent there.

  3. eazynazy

    I am planning to visit San Fransisco Next month and I have saved your post for my visit . Thanks for sharing

    1. Awesome, it is such a fun place to visit 🙂

  4. You know I have lived in San Francisco for 5 years and was here every summer before that and I have NEVER walked the Golden Gate. I feel like a bad resident. I love Moth and Dagger tattoo! My best friend is coming down this weekend and we are getting tattoos. 😛

    1. You should do it! It’s weird that whenever we live by something iconic it never seems “special”. We are only about an hour away from Yosemite National Park and have maybe gone once, in 7 years. It’s kind of sad, lol. Have fun getting your tattoo at Moth and Dagger! 😉 😉

  5. That’s such a beautiful bridge, even though it is so high up. I do not do heights well.
    Brandy Champeau recently posted…Why and How to Use Social StoriesMy Profile

  6. It’s been nearly 15 years, but I still remember visiting there like it was yesterday. Didn’t get to walk the bridge, but stood underneath it!
    Scott recently posted…Hop! Dexterity Board Game OverviewMy Profile

  7. I can feel the excitement of walking on the Golden Gate Bridge through your post. The food photos got me hungry. You guys look so cute together!!

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