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Getting a Tattoo in San Francisco

Recently my husband and I took a trip to San Francisco to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. There he decided to surprise me with one of my gifts, a new tattoo! This is tattoo #2 for me and the hubby’s very first tattoo!

My husband had never received a tattoo before this and honestly, I was not expecting it. He had always told me he wanted to get a huge tribal tattoo on his shoulder for his first one, so this was the best surprise!

Kind of a funny story, so we’re driving in this town (not San Francisco) and I have no clue where we are going. I kept asking him what was up and where he was taking me. He wouldn’t budge.

So we parked, got out, walked down the street, and I jokingly said, let me guess, we’re getting tattoos. We turn the corner and there’s a tattoo shop! I was shocked and SO excited.

BUT, after going in and finding out they were busy that day and couldn’t fit us in (hubby didn’t make an appointment. I can’t blame him though. He called and was told to just walk in. UGH) we decided we should just find a more reliable place to get it done.

Since we were only about 45 minutes away from San Francisco, I thought, what better place to get it done?! We yelped to find out where the best place was in town and we came across Moth and Dagger tattoo.

We got there right when they opened. Joe Kelly was the awesome tattoo artist that we were lucky enough to get! So we explained the tattoos we wanted and he got to work. Since it was our 10th anniversary, we wanted to get matching tattoos (yes, very cliche, but whatevs).

Roman numerals always caught my eye when browsing tattoos. So we got our anniversary date in roman numerals tattooed on our arms.


Anyone know what date that is? I’ll let you figure it out 🙂

We LOVE our new tattoos and cannot wait to spend another 10, 20, 50 years together! This man, my love forever…

DO you have any tattoos? Have you been to Moth and Dagger? Comment below!

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