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Anniversary Photo Shoot

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for the lovey dovey writing and pictures that are about to ensue. This anniversary photo shoot was originally just going to be for me and my husband, but the pictures turned out so stunning and cute, I had to share!

I wanted to do something special this year. April 5th marked 10 years for us, and I know I wanted to show my husband how much it meant to me. Here’s the thing, when we got married all those years ago, we didn’t just get married, we eloped. Our family was not present, there were no photographers, no flowers, no food. Just me and this sexy guy. This one special guy who immediately stole my heart. This one guy who makes me weak in the knees with just one glance. This guy. My everything.

And since we did not have the funds to renew our vows in a huge ceremony, (which we are hoping will happen one day!) I decided I needed pictures, taken by a real photographer. Because 10 years means something to me. It’s special. And I wanted to remember how amazing and awesome it is that we’ve made it this far.

To start off the shoot, we went to an orchard that is only about 10 minutes from where we live. The trees were so green and beautiful, and the pictures look so romantic.

The hubby and I were so nervous before hand because we’d never done this before. It it was a new experience for us and it was kind of nerve wracking! But it turns out we could be models. Just sayin’.

After the orchard we headed to a wide field that was just breathtaking! We also had a wardrobe change which added some variety to the pictures. I’m so glad I decided to bring jeans.. so much more comfy!

Towards the end of the shoot we found a neat spot in front of some trees in a smaller field. All of the locations were just perfection. The vision I had was definitely achieved. Props to Kelsey our photographer (she is amazing and her info is below)!

And I hate to say this but all rights are reserved on these photos. Do not right click and use these images please!! 

Photos By: Kelsey Anderson Photo  Instagram: @KelseyAnderson.Photo

Trials and tribulations have come and gone. And sure, some days are harder than others. But God has kept us together and in love all these years. And I am forever grateful for that.

We had so much fun. I am SO glad I decided this on a whim and didn’t give myself time to talk myself out of it. These memories are now with us forever. This guy is mine, and I am his. Forever and always. As cheesy as it sounds. And you know what, I don’t care. I am a romantic.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Have you ever taken professional photos on a milestone anniversary? How’d they turn out? Share below!

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