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My Favorite At-Home Butt Workout!

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For most of us, being a parent means constantly being busy, and it also does not leave much time for “me time”. That can include, getting your hair done, going shopping, or even going to the gym. However, if we want to be healthy, we need to try and fit in a workout whenever we can. Even if that means exercising from home, or while we are on-the-go while traveling. I put together a few of my go-to butt exercises for when I don’t have time for the gym.

These exercises are perfect if you are wanting to tone up your butt and get bikini ready this year!

Kneeling leg lifts.

First we start off on our elbows, NOT our hands. Drop to your elbows and extend the same side arm with the leg you’ll be working. Left leg? Extend left arm.

Secondly, before beginning the exercise, pull your knee in as far towards your chest as you can, working the leg even better. And remember to keep your foot flat as you extend upwards. Don’t point your toes!

Do this move 12 times on each leg, rest and repeat 2 more times. (For more intensity, pulse 10 times after each set of 12.)

Kneeling Leg Lifts Workout at Home

Variation of the kneeling leg lifts, we have the Kneeling Rainbows.

Everything stays the same except instead of just going up and down, we’re crossing our leg over the other leg to work different muscles in our butts! After we cross over, push leg back up into air, and then down.

Do each leg 12 times. Rest, and repeat sets 2 more times.
Kneeling Rainbow Leg Lift Workout at Home

Rainbow Leg Lift

Same as before, drop to elbows and extend the same arm your using as the leg your working out.

Start off by crossing your leg to the opposite side, lift leg up like an upside down U, or rainbow, and cross over. Do this move 12 times on each leg, rest and repeat 2 more times.

Rainbow Leg Lift Workout at Home

Basic Leg Lifts are next.

Simple as pie. Drop to elbows, extend same arm as leg, lift up leg 12 times on each side. Rest, and repeat each set 2 more times. Goes high as you can! Work that butt off.. and don’t forget to squeeze the glutes!

Leg Lifts Workout from Home

Simple Lunges Ya’ll

These make me sweat the most and that’s why I do more of them!

We are doing 20 times on each leg, rest and repeat two more times. Get ready to feel it on this one!!

Remember to never let your knee go past your toes! That’s a no no.

Lunges Workout From Home

Next are the ever so popular Mountain Climbers!

We start on our hands here, not elbows. Bring one leg at a time to your chest. Do 15 on each side. Rest, and repeat 2 more sets.

You’re on your way to a fab booty!

Mountain Climbers Workout at home

Last but not least for you guys, BURPEES!

I have a love hate relationship with burpees. HATE doing them, love how I feel after I do them.

Start in push-up position, jump hands to feet, stand up and jump in the air, back to squatting, them back to push-up position. This exercise you are always moving, and it gets tiring FAST.

Do 10 times. Rest, then repeat to more sets of 10.

Burpees Workout from Home

Now, exercising is not always easy for me. For the mommas out there who have been through child birth and the pain that comes thereafter you know what I’m talking about when I say giving birth changes your body. For me, I suffer from Chronic pain in my back that makes workout even harder. But I can’t let that pain stop me from being me! That’s when I turn to Curamin® Stop Pain Now.

Curamin Extra Strength Stop Pain Now Workout at Heme

Because I want to be able to get in my workouts, Curamin® is an essential part of my day. It’s provides me with a peace-of-mind. Curamin® is an award winning pain relief product that has provided life changing benefits for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including me. I can rest assured knowing it’s safe, effective, and non-addictive!

Curamin Extra Strength Stop Pain Now Workout at Heme-3

The key to Curamin® is that it doesn’t just mask occasional pain, it gets to the source and stops it. I always used to rely on a pain reliever that I knew wasn’t the best for me and I definitely could not use it daily! With Curamin®, I can rest assured knowing it is not harming me or my body in any way. Curamin is different from over-the-counter pain meds and prescription drugs that can sometimes have negative side effects.

Now for my pain, I get the Curamin® Extra Strength 60 count. I find it easily at my local Sprouts Supermarket. You’re going to want to look in the vitamin aisle for these guys. Curamin® is also available at fine health food stores nation wide. Check out the store locator on their website to find a retailer near you.

Curamin® Extra Strength 60 count

Okay, now that you have the exercises and the tools you need to conquer chronic pain, you have no more excuses! Get up and start moving your booty!!

What is your favorite at home exercise? Have you tried Curamin® for any pain that may hold you back? Comment below!

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  1. Hello, I always want to tone up my butt. But I never tried before these exercises. I love this. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require equipment. I really appreciate your blog. Thanks for sharing

    1. Well you are very welcome! I’m glad my posts can help people out even if it’s just a little 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  2. I’ve never tried the Rainbow leg lift–I can almost feel the burn in the side of my bum before I’ve even started! This looks like a great workout 🙂
    Jamie recently posted…Newbie Training For A Half Marathon: Getting Ready To Rock n RollMy Profile

    1. I know right?! That move BURNS…

  3. The rainbow ones are new to me. And I may be crazy, but I actually don’t mind burpees like most people do. I find them strangely fun.A

    1. Okay, you’re just weird. LOL just kidding 😉 Burpees I guess can be fu…. nope can’t say it. They suck.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with doing butt workouts. I love how my butt looks doing them awhile but hate actually having to do them. I usually just do squats, donkey kicks, bridges, and lunges. Ouch!!

    1. I’m so right there with you. When I do the stair climber at my gym on a regular basis, I’m like HEEEY. But, man oh man do I hate working my butt out!

  5. Samantha

    I love that its easy to do and doesnt require equipment.

  6. Very nice and easy to make exercise! Ok ok I will start exercising soon 🙂

  7. Great list of workouts! I’ll definitely have to try some of these during my next workout!
    Cameron recently posted…Friday Favorites: Bullet Journal SuppliesMy Profile

  8. These workouts look fantastic! I need to start doing something from home… so they came at the perfect time 😀

    Ileana recently posted…Everyday style with Jambu FootwearMy Profile

  9. How did you know that I needed a new butt work out? This looks so perfect, a little hard for me, but perfect.

  10. DEfinitely pinning this! I hate how big my butt is. My husband loves it, but I don’t.
    Tayler Morrell recently posted…Evelyn | Three MonthsMy Profile

  11. I am definitely going to have to try a few of these out. I need to get in more at-home exercises! #client

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