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Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson

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What’s Your Color Story?

Color plays a huge role in our lives, whether we think it does or not. One thing that never crossed my mind before reading Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson was how much color affects not only my life, but also my mood and  my attitude. How I think, how I feel, how I react. I think it’s time to find out what my color story is and put it into action in my own home!

If you can wear it and feel fab in it, then you can live with that Color- Moll Anderson

About The Book

In Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color, life stylist and interior design guru Moll Anderson adds the dimension of color to her design and lifestyle advice, helping us all discover the amazing transformation that color can make in our homes and lives.

Using vibrant, beautiful photographs, (and I mean beautiful, you will be so stinking inspired!) Moll highlights a fresh, modern approach to creating colorful spaces. She highlights thirteen different colors in individual chapters, and each includes simple color solutions, fabulous “Pop of Color” additions, and Moll’s personal color lessons and stories from her designs and life.

In Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color, Moll explains how our feelings about color are deeply rooted and emotionally based on our personal lives, who knew right?! Color impacts our moods, behaviors, and emotions. Understanding why we like and dislike certain colors is key to exploring our own personal color story. Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color asks you questions about your past and present situations and it helps you hone in on why certain colors make you feel the way you feel.

One of the things I love about this book is that it’s interactive. You don’t just flip through the pages and look at pictures, although the pictures in this book are STUNNING, you also have guided journal pages that will lead you on a journey to explore your own personal connections to color.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color- Moll Anderson

About The Author- Moll Anderson

“I became interested in color when I discovered that it was not only a reflection of my mood, but my state of being. I looked around and saw I was living in black and white, and I realized I was hiding. In this book I share the transformational elements of my own journey with color to help you transform your personal color story.”- Moll Anderson

Moll Anderson is an accomplished author, television and radio host, inspirational interior designer, life stylist, and advocate for women and children globally. Moll is a woman of many trades. Her lifestyle and interior design acumen have been enthusiastically embraced by readers of her four home and lifestyle books. She has been featured in national publications such as InStyle and Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Huffington Post’s Women in Business, as well as in regional publications.

She’s also a dedicated philanthropist, focusing her energy on many deserving causes. Moll is an advocate for survivors of abuse, and she commits her time and resources to improving and protecting the lives of women and children in her community and internationally through her work with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club and UNICEF. You can also learn more about Moll on Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

My Thoughts

I’ve never been the interior decorator type. My house doesn’t look pristine. It does not resemble magazine photos or gorgeous pins on Pinterest. I’ve just never been one to put much thought into my home decor. I try here and there, but not nearly enough.

I found out some very interesting facts about myself that I never realized before. One of the questions that the book asks, “What is your least favorite color? Why do you dislike it?” And I sat there thinking, I don’t dislike any colors! But then yellow came to mind. As we all know, yellow is a very “happy” color. I usd to LOVE yellow. My teenage room was painted the brightest yellow you have ever seen. I mean, it hurt your eyes when you walked in there.

But when I remember my room as a teenager, I remember losing my dad when I was only 19. And that is one of the most painful times in my life. That color yellow is somehow associated with pain and grief for me now. After I wrote down my answer, I was shocked. Over the years I’ve always told my hubby I don’t like yellow for walls, or yellow pops of color. But I never really knew why or cared why.

On the other hand, after finding out my least favorite color, I also figured out what my favorite color is- pink! It is feminine, vibrant, and just plain uplifting. “If you can wear it and feel fab in it, you can live with that color!” -Moll Anderson. Of course, I then discovered I don’t have ONE pop of that color in my home. But then again, I’m married and I know my husband doesn’t want pink everywhere!  😆  So now comes the challenge of making some pops of it here and there work for me AND my husband.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life , With Color- Moll Anderson

I have come to realize that I am not anywhere near bold enough with my color choices in my home. I tend to be drawn to neutral neutral neutral. And it’s boring right? Neutral is good, but I’ve got to get my pops of color happening! Time to step it up. I cannot wait to implement what I’ve learned about myself into my home decor.

Stay tuned for my second post where I will be updating my master bedroom to bring more pops of color and shades that uplift into my space!

Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color will be available in Target stores when it officially publishes on March 14. 2017. It can also be purchased at, Amazon, B&N and Books-A-Million, or anywhere books are sold online!

What is your favorite color? What is your least favorite color? Comment below and share!




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  1. Although I love purple and often use it for bedding, my home is mostly earthy green and brown tones. Not sure why but I’ve always found darker colors comforting. Need to read this to discover the answer. 🙂

  2. This sounds like a book I need right now. I love colors and I need some in my life to brighten up my mood and inspire me.

  3. Wow, the pages of Change Your Home, Change Your Life are absolutely stunning! I love anything with bright and cheery colors! In my old house, I painted my kitchen bright yellow, I totally think it’s the best way to start the day. It definitely puts you in a positive mood!

  4. This sounds like it’s right up my alley! My favorite color for everything is turquoise. From my running shoes to my dog’s leash, harness and collar to soon…an accent wall in our kitchen!
    Tiffany VanSickle recently posted…What’s Up Wednesday – March 1My Profile

  5. Elizabeth O.

    Isn’t it awesome how color can change your life especially at home! I think picking the right one makes you feel more positive and energetic.

  6. Wow, what a cool book. I love that its so interactive and you found such value in it. My mum would enjoy this
    Enricoh Alfonzo recently posted…The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden: Cover RevealMy Profile

  7. This must be a good-to-read when we move back to the Philippines and stay there for good. We love neutral colors, looks classy for us. And it will work with minimalism of furniture and stuff. Thanks for sharing this, it will help us to save money as well when we do our own interior planning. 🙂

  8. Wow, what a cool book. I agree, I feel better when I wear earth tones or light pastel colors. I used to paint bright accent walls in my bedroom. Colors can truly affect my mood. I may have to check out this book!
    Tiffany Bacon recently posted…Culture Report: Life of a Just Sole, An Autobiography in DanceMy Profile

  9. I love how you interacted with this book. It seems like it made quite an impression. I can understand how the death of a loved one would make ones colors and mood change.

  10. Nicole Escat

    I’m thinking about what is the best color for our room this is a great tips and ideas!

  11. Ruth I.

    I really don’t think about colors. I just go to whatever they want. But I think more lively color brings happiness.

  12. colleen wool

    I love browns. But a pop of color is nice.

  13. I’m with you… neutral colors are safe but so boring. I’m thinking about painting each of my rooms with bolder choices and decorating with more vibrant artwork. It would mean I’d have to make some changes in my furniture and even my wardrobe. Soon, like right now, I’m visualizing the cost of such a change. I know it has to be done for a much needed happier environment… but nothing makes me less happy than spending money and not finding the change I was hoping for.
    Richard @ recently posted…40 Top Mommy Blogs to Help You Learn to EarnMy Profile

  14. This book is a very interesting read! I ‘m sure I’ll enjoy reading it because I usually get inspirations from this type of books or magazines in my web design work. Some of my clients are into interior design and condo unit development.
    Filipino Recipes Portal by Ed Joven recently posted…March Madness $200 Giveaway 2017My Profile

  15. I’ll have to check this book out because I want to change my home with color. I love all of the color suggestions and illustrations in the book.
    Terri Beavers recently posted…Shark Makes Mopping Fun #springcleaningMy Profile

  16. I really like this book! It’s very inteligent and beautiful.Not bad at all 🙂

  17. This book sounds great. I actually need more color in the house. I’m working on it!
    Amber Myers recently posted…How To Make Easy Leprechaun Hot ChocolateMy Profile

  18. Such an interesting book! I love colors and design, I am sure I’ll enjoy the reading

  19. Love this. Color affects so many things that people don’t realize.

  20. I love playing with colors. My room wall has gone from white to black to the mustard yellow color that it is now. This book looks like it’s gonna be a helpful in picking colors.

  21. I love books like that, not only because they inspire creativity, but because they feed introspection and self-study. I think it’s important to know yourself thoroughly – self love matters, but how can you love someone you don’t know?
    Author Brandi Kennedy recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Surefire Ways To Conquer StressMy Profile

  22. I will have to check out this book. It looks like an interesting book to have. I may use this as reference when we re-do the paint jobs in the house.
    Annemarie LeBlanc recently posted…Jet Lag A Thing Of The Past: Could These New Planes Mean The End Of The Effects?My Profile

  23. I can confess, my first time furnishing a place of my own did not happen well. I was sooo not prepared. This looks like a great guide and I am definitely inspired! I’ll check it out 🙂

  24. This book would be a perfect gift! It looks like a gorgeous coffee table book not to mention extremely useful. I love the idea of popping colour here and there. I am thinking of how now….

  25. I have been thinking about changing the colors of my rooms and to still match my decor. Thanks for the great ideas.

  26. Pink is my favourite colour too- but I wish I was brave enough to use it more around my house. My house is pretty neutral and could definitely benefit from a few pops of colour!

  27. I would be curious to see what my favorite color can do with my decorating. I love a lot of color i my rooms.
    tara pittman recently posted…How to Enhanced Brain Function, Memory and LearningMy Profile

  28. Tami Qualls

    Oh, this is going on my book wishlist. I have really been interested in how color affects my surroundings.

  29. I love this! Especially around the home, color is key! You can invoke so many emotions with simple pops of color. Great post!

  30. Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like a great book. My Sister and I love to design. I will have to get us each a copy.

  31. Erica Schwarz

    I need to overhaul a couple rooms in my home – living room and kitchen especially. I’ll look for this book for inspiration! We recently redid our bathroom and it makes SUCH a difference when you update colors in a room.

  32. i don’t have any interior decorating skills, so I usually hire someone. Will have to look at this book for my bedroom project to save some $$>
    maria @ close to home recently posted…Grilled Quail with Bacon and Pepper Jelly RecipeMy Profile

  33. Amy Desrosiers

    I am so eager to start adding color to my home! Watch out Home Goods and my credit card! #client

  34. We’ve got some rooms to redecorate in our house…actually to decorate. They’ve been plain since we moved in. I think this would be a great book to read prior to starting any projects. Curious to see what I learn about myself.
    Crystal recently posted…2 for $20 Meal Deal at Boston MarketMy Profile

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