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Change Your Home Change Your Life with Color: Finding my Color Story

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You guys have no idea how much I have enjoyed Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson. I went into this experience with an open heart and mind and wanted to really find out what color uplifted me and my spirits. And I ended up doing just that. I could not be happier with the end results. And today I’m going to share with you how I found my color story and how I implemented that into my master bedroom with some uplifting pops of pink!

To find out what my color story was, I went through Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson and answered questions about myself and it truly revealed a lot! Like how I hated the color yellow and why those feelings were actually there, or how pink was a color that always just made me happy. If you want to check out my initial thoughts of the book, check out my first post here.

After finding out what my color story was and realizing #UpliftingPink is my go to color, I found myself wandering around my house trying to find out what color stories were in all of my rooms. I was surprised by the golds I found..

…and the reds! I’m not huge fan of red or gold, yet I found these colors the most in my house. So weird! I actually thought most of my decor was blue. Until I walked around and noticed hardly ANY blue in my house other than wall decor.  😯

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color_ What's Your Color Story? #LiveLoveColor #EmpoweringRed #ad

I quickly realized how lacking I am in the decor aspect of my home. I knew I needed to change something. Then came the tough decision of what to update in my home where I could implement my newfound love for pink.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color_ What's Your Color Story? #LiveLoveColor #UpliftingPink

When I was trying to decide which room and area in my house to apply my #upliftingpink color story, I instantly thought of our bedroom. My husband and I have never given our master bedroom 5 minutes of time or effort. It is the place no one sees except us. And to me, it wasn’t worth putting in money to make it look nice. I just didn’t really care about it and neither did my husband.

I realize now how big of an impact color has on me and why getting that bedroom full of color was so important. When I walked into our bedroom before, it did nothing for me. Did not make me happy or content, did not bring feelings of joy and love, it didn’t do much of anything. Our bed was a place for clutter and messiness. And that definitely affected my mood as well.

After reading about how much color does in fact affect our lives, our moods, and our feelings, I was convinced I needed to give this a try in our abandoned and forgotten bedroom! Starting out, I knew I had to get rid of our comforter. It was worn, outdated, and just plain sad. I have hated this thing for a long time and just haven’t had the time or energy to find a new one.

So first thing I did was replace it with a crisp, clean, bright white down comforter. I don’t know why the white had me hooked, I think it’s because I thought it would look nicest with pops of pink color and I did not want to overwhelm the room with pink. I then added a few more pillows that had some pop of color on them, a small floral pillow and two pillows with pink chevron detail.

Keep in mind this is my hubby’s room too, the last thing I wanted to do was overwhelm him with colors that are girly. So white comforter it was and I just took off from there. I found pieces that just made me happy when I looked at them. Mostly small pieces that were bright, instead of large pieces that could be overwhelming. I was not trying to go matchy matchy, I just wanted pieces that had any shade of pink and maybe some other colors thrown in there as well.

The pink and gold just makes me happy. Can’t explain it! It’s feminine but not too feminine and it is elegant and pretty. Which is what I wanted. I found a ton of cute pieces in the dollar spot at Target. Including the pink jar on the left of the picture below. Since my walls are beige, I went with little pops of color throughout the room to bring out the pink. I added some white and pink floral, some bright pink books, and of course pills and wall decor.

I was able to find some really cute wall decor at a another local retailer for not too high a price. And I’ve been meaning to get pieces like this for a while, just haven’t had the push to do so! But I love the Bible verse in this one and how the gold color pops with the pink in the room!

I tried to not use the same shades of pink all over the room. There are a few hot pink pieces, a few coral pieces, and ones with gold on them as well. I used to hate gold, but have found out that I actually do enjoy hints of it here and there. Who knew right?!

Throughout this process, I have come to find that I don’t hate my bed as much as I did before. Now it is a display for colorful, beautiful pieces that fill my heart with happiness, where before it was a space for clutter and dust! I kind of like being able to display things right behind the pillows instead of just the sides of bed on tables.

Please don’t judge me too harshly on this before picture . It’s so embarrassing. And also keep in mind I do not have the best lighting in this bedroom (only one window!).

Honestly, I don’t have a thousand dollars to totally renovate my bedroom. What I really want is a new bed, something romantic and feminine, but I don’t have the resources right now. So I did what I could for under $100! Who knew $100 could make such a huge difference!

Now when I walk into our room, I smile. I look at the few beautiful pieces I added that bring color and it makes my heart happy. I see crisp white, shades of pink, and some golds.

So what was the hubby’s reaction you ask?

He loved it! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. After I was finished with the room and he came in to see the transformation, he actually loved it. I mean he didn’t go into great detail or anything, but he said it looked great, phew!

Where Can I Get The Book?!

So now that you’ve seen how inspirational Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson is, I bet you’ll want to pick one up for yourself right? It’s available now at your local Target stores or at I got my copy at Target and it was incredibly easy to find! You’ll find Moll’s new book in the book aisle next to the movies.

But hurry up because these will sell fast. If you are looking for inspiration to try something new in your house or are curious to see what your color story is, go get Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson. It will change your outlook on color, I promise you that!

You can check out all of Moll’s inspirational posts online as well on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What is your color story? What is the most used color in your home? Would you try #upliftingpink in your master bedroom? Share your thoughts and comments below! I can’t wait to see what you think!

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  1. Adding pops of color indeed change the whole mood of the room. I should get this book to help me redecorate and add color to my house.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted…ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Celebrates 8th Birthday!My Profile

  2. I’m always in awe when I walk into people’s home with beautiful decor. I’m not good with design and this book would be extremely helpful for people like me.

  3. Ave

    I really like the changes you made in your bedroom! It looks really great with a touch of pink! The most used colors in our apartment are white and black for sure. Have to add some color asap!

  4. I really need to work on colors in my apartment. I’m going to have to pick this book up and start experimenting.
    Terri Beavers recently posted…Georgia Travel High Falls State Park Camping GlampingMy Profile

  5. Rebecca Swenor

    Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color by Moll Anderson looks like an awesome book to bring color in your life. I have always loved changing things up and this book looks like something I would love to have for sure. Thanks for sharing your amazing changes with the gorgeous colors.

  6. This looks like a great book. I used to be afraid of bright colors in my home but now I love having pops of color all over.

  7. Anita Anderson

    My favorite color is pink and I incorporate it in my bathroom. My hubby doesn’t like this color so I keep it simple. I have a pink shower curtain with the Eiffel tower and a lady dressed in different hues of pink.

  8. I LOVE colors! I have made up an entire color palette for how I want to redo my home. I can’t wait to start painting and getting new decor!
    Joely Smith recently posted…International Day Of Happiness 10 Ways Pets Make Us HappyMy Profile

  9. Leigh Anne Borders

    My home is full of different hues of brown. I would love the pink in my bedroom. I need a little color to brighten it up.

  10. I am in need of some color punch. Did a lot of greys; pink would be a nice punch. Thanks for sharing

  11. I love playful colors. It gives life to room. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jennifer Van Huss

    That is a fabulous book! I’m always so afraid of colour, but love the way it pops in a room! I think I need this book to change my decor.

  13. They have a really nice combination for the room. It can make the room much more easy on the eyes.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…Hoka One One is Now in TownMy Profile

  14. The pops of pink in your bedroom bring a lot of life! I looked around my own home and I have lots of black and blues.

  15. This finding out your true color sounds so interesting and fun. I love red. We will see if I truly love red.

  16. Ann B

    I am planning to change up my home with new paint colors. I need to get a copy of this book. I would love to choose colors that will help me feel great.

    1. This book is definitely inspiring and will help you on your search for some new colors to explore 🙂

  17. My home is definitely bland. We have a lot of beige going on, so we could certainly use some pops of color.
    Denise C recently posted…TODAY ONLY: Save 15% on Peanuts Apparel at Hanna Andersson!My Profile

    1. My home is very similar. Lots of boring beige, that’s why I went with pops of color. It’s not overwhelming like painting a whole room or wall can be.

  18. Love the pops of pink! I sooo need to tackle redecorating our master bedroom, next!

  19. I am such a pink person myself! I love that you added these pretty pops of color to your room! #client

    1. It was a lot of fun playing with this color!

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