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6 Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

If you are like me, sometimes it can be quite difficult to wake up and get the day going in the morning. Most days I just want to SLEEP and keep on sleeping. Of course with 3 kids, that never happens. Like ever. So instead of us wishing for more sleep, here are 6 habits that give you more of a boost in the morning so you can start your day off right.

Habit #1

Make sure you are getting 7 hours of sleep the night before. Not only does it help you wake up rejuvenated, it also prolongs your life, makes your memory better, helps you focus, makes your immune system better, I could go on and on. There are a ton of benefits. GET YOUR SLEEP.



 Habit #2

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. I am SOOO bad at this. I usually opt for my normal venti iced skinny caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I know, so bad. But occasionally I will eat some oatmeal with fruit, or maybe even go big with eggs and some sausage 🙂 Books that have more Healthy Breakfast Options are available too.

6 Habits to Start Your Day Off Right




Habit #3

This habit is a MUST. I repeat, must. Prayer in the morning awakens my soul and gets me right in the place I need to be. Helps clear my mind and gets me focused on what truly maters. Which is what God has in store for me today. I have been going through a lot of emotional ups and downs lately, and nothing but prayer brings me back every time. Thank you God for reminding me of Your love.

6 Habits to Start Your Day Off Right



Habit #4

Cold Shower. I have done this before! I think I read it in a magazine when I was like 16 that when you splash cold water on your face in the AM it instantly wakes you up giving you an energy and gets that blood pumping! When I have had to wake up hours early to prepare for an out of town trip, I us this tip. Maybe it’s like 15 seconds, not the entire shower obviously.

6 Habits to Start Your Day Off Right




Habit #5

Getting a workout in the morning before you start your day has been proven to be more effective on your health. You’re creating  abetter metabolism, getting better focused. Plus you can know that the whole day, you already got your workout in, instant mood booster!

6 Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

Habit #6

Coffee is a must for me. As stated above. Plus there have been many tests that show the having 3-5 cups of coffee is linked to lower risk of some heart diseases, like heart failure. I don’t know about that many cups of coffee, you’d have to use some serious teeth whitening cream! But  do love coffee and it does get me in the right mood in the early morning.







There you have it guys, my tips for starting your day off right. What are your habits? What do you do first thing in the morning to get your day started? Share below!




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