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Give Your Workouts a Protein Boost

I received these products for free. However, all opinions are my own!

At the beginning of the year, I think we all have that extra oomph to get our butts into the gym and exercise. After all, it’s a new year and we all want that new, healthy body. It’s funny because I actually hate going to the gym in January, it’s always so packed! But what about the rest of the year? To give myself that extra push I need, I use Premier Protein Shakes.

One thing that I love about Premier Protein is that they believe everyone should be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Nutrition is the cornerstone of that life! However, this can be quite challenging if you have a hectic, busy lifestyle- like me! Premier Protein strives to be your health and nutrition partner—making powerful, healthy choices easy for us!!

These super duper convenient to-go shakes are exactly what I need to keep my protein intake in line. Not to mention the lid has a resealable cap making them totally easy to store and reuse!

Premier Protein is perfect for any workout!


I cannot tell you how much of a life saver it is to have all of those worries taken off of me and I can just enjoy this delicious drink without feeling any sort of guilt! I was given the Bananas and Cream Premier Protein Shake flavor and I have to tell you honestly, this is not a flavor I would have typical drifted towards purchasing. I’m more of a cookies n’ cream or chocolate kind of girl, but I was seriously proven wrong with the taste! It is sweet and yummy! And yet somehow these shakes are packed with protein, not sugar or calories. Amazing right?

Protein takes longer to digest which inevitably makes you feel fuller, longer! Finally, there’s something I can drink on the go that will keep me from snacking on random foods. Premier Protein also helps improve your focus, maintain your weight, and give your metabolism a boost.

Now, when it comes to my workouts, I mainly hit the gym. If I’m too busy and am rushed for time, or simply don’t feel like sweating with a bunch of other people, I work out at home. I do my weights, my cardio, and more than likely one of my favorite workout videos. Those were my go-to workout after having my 3 kids. Now that I’ve started drinking the Premier Protein shakes, I have more energy to complete my workouts. Seriously!

Whether I’m at home or at the gym, Premier Protein goes with me. Plain and simple.

Making sure I get enough protein is hard, especially protein that doesn’t come with too many calories or too much fat. That’s why Premier Protein make delicious, essential healthy protein that curbs hunger and fuels your energy for whatever you love to do.


If you are like me and enjoy the convenience of healthy, easy nutrition, I would suggest giving Premier Protein a try. I can only say positive things about this product.

How are your resolutions coming? Are you still on track with diet and exercise? Have you tried Premier Protein yet??

Give Your Workouts a Protein Boost

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  1. Protein is a good thing and I believe that maintain our body.

  2. Why not this idea will make my day!!?? I appreciate the superb idea and I will try it from now. I hope it will work best for me. Anyway, great sharing!
    Maria Shelly recently posted…Organic whey ProteinMy Profile

  3. aziel morte

    This is the first time that I heard about this and so glad that you share this, Looks perfect for my protein.

  4. I am a huge fan of premiere protein foods. When I work early mornings, they are the only thing that keep me awake and alert

  5. Never seen this product before, I hope this is now available in my area because its a great healthy protein source and would be great for traveling.
    Filipino Recipes Portal by Ed Joven recently posted…Caramel Bread Pudding Recipe with AlmondsMy Profile

  6. I haven’t tried this protein boost before but it sure looks yummy. I might get this for my hubs. Thanks for sharing this!
    Hey Sharonoox recently posted…Rediscovered Beauty ProductsMy Profile

  7. Healthy stuff, I like it. Good thing is no mixing required, which means more workout time.

  8. Davjd

    I love how you put all the ways this was convenient aside from it tasting good. I try to make it to the gym as often as I can and this sounds useful on one of those days.

  9. I haven’t tried this brand before- but I love having a protein shake when I exercise. I helps so much. I will look for these at the store! Thanks
    Coralie recently posted…TROLLS Valentine’s Day CardsMy Profile

  10. I love protein shakes. This looks really easy since it’s already made. Will try it for sure!
    Caroline Barnes recently posted…Beauty rituals with Garnier Whole BlendsMy Profile

  11. These would be perfect to have in the cupboard for when you are working out! I have actually been looking for a new protein powder, so thank-you for sharing!

  12. This looks amazing what a great healthy protein source. Thanks for sharing.
    Bethany Stout recently posted…5 Easy & Delicious Nutrisystem Powerfuels & Week 3 UpdateMy Profile

  13. Maria Han

    I haven’t heard of this before but It sounds good for protein, I would check this out

  14. Tami Qualls

    I’m thinking this might be a better option than the powder I bought. It doesn’t mix well.

    1. I hate having to mix up protein powders. They are always so chunky! These are smooth and delicious!

  15. I will have to look for this near me. I feel like I’m lacking in protein lately, as I’ve been craving certain protein-rich foods like crazy!
    Nikki recently posted…9 Children’s Book Instagram Accounts To Follow And LoveMy Profile

  16. Hra

    I haven’t hears about this, but i should give a try for sure 🙂

  17. Wendy Polisi

    I love your figure, you’re really look healthy. Glad you shared this healthy drink, I will try it out.

    1. Well thank you so much! After having three children and recently trying 30 that is such a compliment!

  18. I haven’t tired this brand before, but I love Muscle Milk’s protein shakes. Whenever I get hungry during a snack period, or before a workout, I grab a shake.
    Mary recently posted…5 Things I Love About My BodyMy Profile

    1. You’ll want to give these a try! They are so delicious. And with only 1g of sugar and 30g of protein, you can’t go wrong.

  19. MaryAnne

    I woud like to try this product since I just went back t gym after pregnancy and I need a lot of this protein… great info!

  20. Robin Rue

    I know that when I up my protein my workout goes more smoothly. I am going to have to give this a try.

  21. I workout at home on my treadmill and I think I needed a drink like this aside from my fruit shake where I can get a lot of protein that doesn’t come with too many calories.
    Sarah-Louise Bailey recently posted…Personalised Sweet Hamper from MenKind – Perfect for Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  22. Victoria Heckstall

    Great idea! Busy people can finally have some protein drink the easier way. I love this!

  23. Karlyn Cruz

    I have heard of protein powder, you need to follow some recipe before you can drink some. Good idea to have something like this

    1. Yes, it is so much more convenient than using a recipe.

  24. I just finished the Phase 1 of Ideal Protein diet and I lost 25lbs already. Will check our grocery stores if these protein shakes are readily available.

  25. If you workout a lot, you definitely need a daily dose of protein in your diet. I think it’s great that you have a drink to rely on! It looks yummy too!
    Carol Cassara recently posted…How to succeed on the Whole 30My Profile

  26. Milica

    Haha! I don’t like going to the gym at the beginning of the year too. New Years Resolutions and packed gyms! 😃 This protein shake looks interesting I might give it a try.

  27. Elizabeth O.

    I think it’s great that we have this drink as a source of protein, you’re absolutely right, it’s not that easy to get protein. I will definitely recommend this to my kids!

  28. My son uses protein. He mixes it not sure how that works. I like the idea that he would not have to mix it and it would just be ready. Next time at the store will look for it.

  29. I might have to look into these a little more. I have a chronic protein absorption issue so I have to take in quite a lot of protein to keep my blood levels up, but sometimes the carnivorous diet gets a little boring and I just want something sweet. So if I can drink something that gives me the protein I need while also hitting the sweet tooth (without being gross like so many protein shakes are), then that’s awesome!

    1. I would definitely suggest these. They are sweet and very high in protein, but without the overload of calories (only 160!)

  30. I love protein shakes but I hate cleaning out my blender so I’ll have to try these! I love how easy and portable they are.
    Nellwyn recently posted…How To Stay HealthyMy Profile

  31. I would love to try that amazing protein! It looks really delicious and perfect for breakfast!
    Melanie Smith recently posted…Chocolate Muffins with Avocado ButtercreamMy Profile

  32. Protein is so important! I will have to look into this to give my day a boost!
    Chelley @ A is For Adelaide recently posted…Let Them Eat CakeMy Profile

  33. I have been meaning to start on a protein drink but what stops me from trying is the amount of sugar in them. How much sugar this one has?

  34. These sound like great protein drinks! I need to have some of these on hand, for when I can’t seem to plan ahead better for our meals or being on the go.
    Vera recently posted…Preschool Readiness In The Palm Of Your Hand #weeschoolappMy Profile

  35. I’ve never seen these before. They do look like a nice idea.,
    Crystal Gard recently posted…Don’t Judge A Book By The CoverMy Profile

  36. Kat

    Cool! I need to check this out. I don’t have the time to really make my own and something already blended would so help me out.

    BTW love your yard.
    Kat recently posted…Three Sisters Farm Organic Brunch and Farm Tour with Miami Bloggers MediaMy Profile

  37. Being diabetic this seems like a great supplement for me to try. For my workouts I need lots of protein but also lots of calories since my goal is to gain weight as well as strength. Thanks for the review and for putting Premier on my radar.

  38. I have drank so many different shakes like this and always find them to be weird tasting. But if you like this brand and say it’s good, I have to try it out! Thank you for the great recommendation!

  39. Never heard of this brand before but they have banana flavour which is my fave so would love to boost my workout with these delicious cocktails 🙂

  40. I’ve never tried these before. I might have to check them out, but normally I just stick to multivitamins and my water!
    Amber Myers recently posted…I Don’t Understand My Tween Daughter’s Birthday ListMy Profile

  41. I have a lot of friends who use these shakes, and this is the only brand that they will use. I generally make my own so that I can control the ingredients. This one does have better ingredients than a lot of others though! 30 grams of protein is great, and the resealable lid is a bonus because I can never finish a protein shake in one go lol.

  42. yeah protein drinks are so good. I have an Arbonne protein shake very often.

  43. These sound pretty good and healthy. I haven’t tried them myself. I’m still on track to meet my health and fitness goals this year, over one month in!
    Steven Goodwin recently posted…2017 Goals: 7 Areas I’m Getting Focused On This YearMy Profile

  44. Sondra Barker

    These protein shakes sound delicious and easy to take with you on the go. The fact that it is low in calories is a major plus as well, I will definitely have to try these!

  45. Love that these have 30 grams of protein. These would be great fo traveling.
    tara pittman recently posted…Saving Money Can Be EasyMy Profile

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