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Things People Need to Stop Posting on Facebook *UPDATE*

So, about 2 years ago I posted a piece about things I read on Facebook that drive me bonkers. And I felt the need to update this list!

Social media has become overwhelming to me in the past few years. Every time I open up an app I see devastating news, inappropriate news, fake news, funny news, or just plain depressing news. But there I go everyday, checking it out to see what’s new. Unfortunately, most of the time it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all usually okay to browse. Depending on who your friends are and if you actually follow their posts!

*On a side note* The thing with Facebook friends. I will NEVER unfriend someone because of their beliefs or views on politics. Ever. But I can’t even count the times that people I thought were friends quickly unfriended me when they saw that I’m a conservative Republican Christian. I literally got unfriended in the past few months during the election because one person said they, “cared about me and didn’t want to offend me with their posts”.

First of all, I’m a big girl. And if I didn’t want to see your posts (which I didn’t) I would unfollow you (which I did). Not unfriend you. But he thought it was necessary to cut all ties. Doesn’t make sense at all to me, but whatevs. *rant over*

People these past couple of years have been just plain crazy on Facebook. So without further ado, here’s my updated list!

  • STOP POSTING POLITICAL CRAP! Your posts going to your 200 Facebook friends are not going to change the world. It’s not going to change your friends’ minds about their politics stances. It will change nothing. It will only make the people who do not agree with you feel irritated and annoyed. That’s it. So just stop posting Trump and Clinton meme’s. PLEASE STOP. Can’t we all just get along?!  😥
  • Religious posts that make NO sense. The thing with religious posts, I love them. I’m a Christian and love seeing verses and inspirational quotes as I scroll. Nice little break from the politics. However, posting a meme that says “like if you want Jesus to bless you!” or “Sharing this post means you love Jesus, doing nothing means you deny Him.” No. Just, no. Stop with this crap. God does not judge us on how many times we like a post. Does not make any sense. SMH  🙄
  • 50 billion pictures of the same freaking thing. I love seeing updates with you. I love seeing you at a party having fun with friends. But do I need to see 10 photos of you in the same exact room with different poses??? No, I do not. No one does. Keep that to yourself and maybe make a scrapbook if you think those posts are really superb and worth saving! Because all you look like is a whole lot of shallow.
  • Foodie Pics. I personally love sharing these on Instagram. And I think they are totally appropriate for that platform. But Facebook? Not so much. It’s just weird.

And there you have it guys. My updated list of things that bug me on Facebook. Check out my previous post to see the whole list! Pls Share! And add to the list by commenting below!!!




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  1. Sandy KS

    I love your blog and agree with most of what not to share on Facebook. Except one. I am a foodie and food blogger. I get the most traffic from my blog from Facebook. I get inspired by hearing and seeing what others have prepared for a meal or ate. I do understand some people just don’t get it when it comes to food pics.

    1. Totally understand. Inspiration can come from anywhere! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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