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20 Inexpensive or Free Date Night Ideas

I don’t know about you guys, but in our house date nights are few and far between. Sometimes it can be hard to find a babysitter or find a night my husband is off (he works nights), but we sure do try as hard as we can to schedule one at least once a month.

20 Inexpensive or Free Date Night Ideas

It’s important to have that quality time with your spouse. For my husband and I, our best times are had when we are on our dates. Whether it’s knocking out those serious talks, or if it’s just goofing off with each other. We are able to reconnect when we have that alone time. And it is much needed.

However, not all of us have all the money in the world to go on extravagant date nights. It’s always been that way for us. We are a couponing kind of family, and date night is no exception!

I wanted to share with you guys se date night ideas that are FREE or not too expensive, and are still full of fun and romance!

  1. Have a picnic. There’s nothing more romantic than going to the park, setting down a blanket, and having a picnic. Make the food together, pack the basket, and just go! It’s FREE. We all have things in your pantry that you can pack for a nice lunch.
  2. Netflix and Cold Stone. I don’t really need to say more than this. If you eat a date night in, find a show and start bunge watching. And don’t forget the ice cream!
  3. Fill your truck bed with blankets and pillows, then star gaze! This is oh so romantic.
  4. Cook together. My hubby and I love doing this. The hubs is amazing at cooking, so I mostly just sit back and watch in amazement. But it is fun to help chop veggies and add spices 🙂 OR take a cooking class together!
  5.  Recreate your first date. For my spouse and I, our first date was driving for about 2 hours and then eating In-n-Out. lol. That was our first date!
  6. Go to a Farmer’s Market. I love walking through these! So many interesting treats are to be found!
  7. Dinner and a movie are always a hit for us. Check your local (Groupon for deals and coupons!!!) We always find restaurant coupons on there.
  8. Have a fun photo shoot. My hubby and I are going out tonight and I’m bringing the Canon. Time to have some fun!
  9. Go for a hike or bike ride. Staying active can be fun and romantic.
  10. Coffee shop and chill. I won’t ever pass up a trip to Starbucks. And I kind of love just chilling there as well. Chance to relax and talk.
  11. Go shopping together. Ok we are guilty of doing this almost every date. We love shopping just the two of us. When we have the kids, it can be stressful and loud. Just us is a nice quiet relaxed time together.
  12. Go-cart racing! We did this last year and it was a blast! They frequently have coupon online so thought we’d give it a try. I loved it so much because well, I beat my husband by like, A LOT. It was awesome.
  13. Go to the beach. We live about 3 hours away so it’s doable. And I adore the beach…
  14. Take a painting class together. This one is always so fun. I never knew how good I was at painting till I did this! 🙂
  15. Visit a local museum. We recently visited the Peanuts museum in Santa Rosa, Ca and it was so much fun!
  16. Go ice-skating. You can find year round ice-skating rinks that would be fun to do any night.
  17. Come up with a bucket-list together. This will be fun to find out what your spouse really wants to do!
  18. Go on a road trip. Just DO NOT stare at your phone the whole drive. Not cool >:(
  19. Make smores together. I love doing this. It fulfills my chocolate cravings and lets the hubby build a fire to show his manliness. Perfect 🙂
  20. Go to Costco on sample day. There’s nothing better than Costco samples. Not to mention they’re free.

20 Inexpensive or Free Date Night Ideas

So there you have it. 20 date night idea for you and your spouse. Have fun this Valentine’s or any night you guys are hanging out!

What are your cheap favorite date night ideas? Comment below!


  1. Date night is hard when you have kids but we try to spend as much time alone as we can when the kids are sleeping. lol My idea of a good time is hitting the sack before 10pm.
    Marielle Altenor recently posted…Grateful Sunday: DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Crayons – Getting Crafty With the Little ManMy Profile

  2. picnics and stargazing are my fave inexpensive/free dates! great post and perfect in time for vday 🙂 thanks for sharing! xo, sharon

  3. What an awesome list without cost of buck. Can’t let my husband see this 🙂
    Jhumki Nag recently posted…Bobbi Brown Calypso Vs Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense LipstickMy Profile

  4. I love these ideas!!! So important to keep up with date nights with your spouse or partner!
    Vera Sweeney recently posted…20 Mother’s Day Presents Your Wife Actually WantsMy Profile

  5. These are so great! Really fun ideas that won’t break the bank!

  6. Great list of ideas! My husband and I planned to go out for shopping and dinner. He don’t know what gift he should give me so he suggested we’ll go shopping together. 🙂

    Joy |

  7. Oh some of these are great ideas! My boyfriend and I keep trying to come up with ideas for date nights that don’t cost much if anything at all!
    Melanie Burbage recently posted…Comment on Enjoy National Fettuccine Alfredo Day with Bacon Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo by Annemarie LeBlancMy Profile

  8. Love these ideas, thank you so much for sharing! I’m always a sucker for a movie night!

  9. Such a great list!

  10. Neely Moldovan

    WE love to go on hikes together or bike rides. Our neighborhood has awesome trails. Always so fun!

  11. It doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be an amazing date. I love especially when we just sit and watch a movie, eating pizza
    Blackellis recently posted…5 Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos (part 2)My Profile

  12. As my boyfriend is not the romantic type we are not planning anything special, just restaurant, maybe some movie at home.
    But Valentine’s day is all about being together and the couple can do whatever. And your ideas is nice, couples can have a good time together without spending a lot of money!
    Liene G recently posted…Valentine’s day gifts for himMy Profile

  13. Yue

    ooo ice skating is such a cute idea, always love going there with my boyfriend… even if Im super clumsy on skates lol

  14. I love all of these but Netflix and Coldstone are my favorite!

  15. I miss to have just some couple time with my husband. And I love the idea to go to the place where your first date is. Maybe we should try this on valentine day.
    Anna Djong I onelazychic recently posted…7 Things I Wished I Would Have Done Before I Got MarriedMy Profile

  16. These are really cool ideas! Need to suggest some of them to my boyfriend! Feel like it would work not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for our usual date nights 🙂

    Tatjana xx

  17. Who says love and romance have to be expensive? Great ideas.


  18. Kat

    I love all your ideas, especially the one about recreating the first date! Although we almost froze on ours!:D

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