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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Men and Women

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I have really been wanting to do a gift guide on my blog for a while now. Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Let’s start with the man in your life.. I feel like most guys kind of dislike valentines day. They probably feel like they have a lot to live up to for us women, which is true. Sometimes we ask too much from them with the romance we expect. And on the other hand, they feel like the holiday isn’t for them. So instead of making them feel left out and pressured, let’s spoil them!

What if you actually got him something he wants instead of something mushy that he’ll just end up probably throwing away? Maybe then he’ll actually LIKE Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start off with some smelly good gifts! Instead of flowers and girly candles, let’s get him some manly scented soaps and candles! I actually really love the idea of these. And I’m sure your guy would too.

Is your guy obsessed with tools or fixing things? For the handy man in your life, check out these awesome gifts.

How about the tactical guy in your life? My husband falls into this category and he LOVES these kinds of gifts. He never leaves the house without his survival bracelet. I am totally serious. It’s actually really cool. Comes with a compass, fire starter, emergency whistle, and it unties to create a rope! It’s freaking cool.

Is your guy a gamer or techie? Check these out.

Or how about for the guy who loves to eat? These baskets are so cute and unique and yummy. PLUS if you use this code “20HEARTS”, you’ll get 20% off :D, valid through 2/14..






Now for the woman in your life.. I’ve taken a lot of time to really put the best gifts on this list. Hope you enjoy browsing!

I personally LOVE getting makeup as a gift. I always ask my husband to put some in my stocking at Christmas, and he always delivers 😉 Right now, on my list is something to store all of my makeup. *hint, hint, honey* Bare Minerals is one of my FAVORITE brands for cosmetics. It’s hydrating makeup that is actually good for your skin. Check em out..

Mugs, mugs, and more mugs. Okay, right now there is a weird obsession with mugs going on. And it’s not just me. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all covered with women posing with their clever mugs. And I’m right there with them. I have started a fun little collection. And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Etsy has CUUUUUTE ones, you cannot go wrong with something from Etsy. If I had an abundance of money, I would be shopping there all day long. So if your girl loves coffee, how bought a cute mug?!

For the crafty girl in your life why not get her the piece of machinery that we all know is on her wishlist, a Circut! I have always wanted one of these. You can literally create anything. Okay maybe not anything but this machine makes and crafters dreams come true!

Fitness fanatic? These are my top brands for comfort when talking about exercise. I have made quite a few purchases from Fabletics and I swear their leggings are a gift from God. They smooth you out and suck you in, lol. I adore these leggings!!!

Guys, you cannot go wrong with a big beautiful bunch of flowers. I love getting flowers from my hubby. I feel very loved and special when he leaves surprises me with these beauties.

Saved the best for last, jewelry. Women love jewelry, no matter the occasion. So spoil her!

Whatever your honey likes, hopefully this round up gave you a good stats to finding exactly what they want! Good luck this valentine’s Day and just make sure you put thought into what your love likes. If you do that, you should be golden. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have fun this Valentine’s Day and don’t stress about gifts too much. Sure it’s a made up holiday, but the reason behind it is quite special. Treasure the ones you love and make them feel special next month. They deserve it!

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  1. Peggy G

    Sweet ,a complete gift guide ! Thanks for giving us so many great options!!

  2. I just bought the GoPro for my husband. He is going to flip when he opens his gift!
    Vanessa recently posted…Bubble Bath Anyone? Financing Programs make Walk-In Bath Tubs AffordableMy Profile

    1. Very cool! My husband has one too and uses it every time he fishes 🙂

  3. Intersting gift ideas. I still haven’t decided what I’m buying hubby this year. Probably running gear of some sort.

  4. This post is really helpful in the way that it suggests such good gifts for men on Valentine’s day. I like the Gopro. It’s really cool tbh.
    Chi Le recently posted…Five Interesting Things in MyanmarMy Profile

  5. What a great selection of gift ideas for the man in your life on Valentine’s Day. You have quite the variety here. Tools are always a great gift idea for my man. Then I saw the coffee mug! LOL “Best farter ever.” I’m quite sure our kids would say that would be the perfect gift for dad. 🙂
    Kelly Hartigan recently posted…Cyndi Pilcher – Author InterviewMy Profile

  6. I love this! My hubby would also fall under the tactical type. He has several flashlights with him all the time. And he wants more.
    Renee recently posted…Quote of the DayMy Profile

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