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A Mom’s Ode to Target

Your big, beautiful, shiny, red doors greet me as I enter into what I’d like to call, any mom’s paradise. Yes Target, you truly are a paradise (and an addiction) to me. I can’t be the only one right?

A Mom's Ode to Target

As soon as I walk in, the rich aroma of Starbucks greets my nose and I find myself drawn to the right to make a quick stop before I get to my shopping errands. Why yes, I would like a Venti Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato please. Why not? It’s my own quiet Mommy time. And I would like some coffee while I browse (it helps me concentrate).

And what’s this? Cup holders?! You mean my coffee won’t spill all over my merch or my purse? Whew, what a relief. Who knew Target could be so thoughtful? Ahhhhh, I take my first sip and start to get my browse on..

First up is the dollar spot. Everything, (ok, almost everything) is a mere dollar. I’m taken aback at all of the cute and whimsical merchandise. Toys, decor, stationary for $1 = pure happiness. I fill my cart up with a few must-have’s and continue my browse. Whoa, it’s a half hour later? That was fast.

Wait, I see clearance signs and lots of them. Oh clearance, you truly are a mom’s greatest joy. Not kids, clearance. 90% off, how is this possible? I don’t care! It’s practically FREEEEEE! Happy dance, happy dance! By the way, this really was me about 2 weeks ago when I went in and saw Christmas clearance to be a crazy 90% off. It DOES happen.

Target, you truly are a one-stop shop. With every single item I could ever need being all in one place, PLUS Starbucks. You have won my heart.

I need dog food, I go to Target.

I need bananas, Target.

We ran out of diapers again? Target.

Valentine’s Day decor needed?! Yes. And also, Target.

I can find dishes, clothes, pet food, makeup, decor, toys, electronics, books, bras, shoes, jewelry, produce, well basically everything, all in one place. And no this isn’t a promotion I’m doing for them, I simply love Target. And I want to show my appreciation for them 🙂

I am not the only mom who is obsessed with this store. We all are.

Sure there are moments when we roll our eyes because of the long lines and no one ever calls for back-up cashiers! But we forgive you, because well, Starbucks and clearance. That’s why. You rock Target. Just wanted to let you know.


  1. This was so fun to read! Target truly has everything. Thanks for sharing.
    Naomi Erlich recently posted…Britax Advocate Clicktight – Is This The Safest Car Seat For Your Child?My Profile

    1. Well thank you! It was fun to write 🙂

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