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DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Decor

Okay Guys, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner I’ve tried to get the stuff you need out there sooner rather than later. I recently posted a pretty nifty gift guide for your special someone that included men’s gifts as well as gifts for women. Now I’m doing a super-duper easy and adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar craft to make your home look and feel like love is in the air.


Along with this easy DIY, I’ll be showing you guys my decorated Valentine’s mantle. This is actually the very first year I’ve ever decorated my mantle for Valentine’s Day. But I thought, why not? I have really come to enjoy decorating for basically every holiday of the year. I got so much amazing clearance from Pier1 Imports last year and now have bins FULL of Easter decor. Cannot wait to decorate for that one!

But before we get to the mantle, let’s start with our DIY mason jar craft, shall we?

Here’s what you’ll need..


-3 Mason Jars. I got my 2-pack’s from Target for $3. They had clear and red ones. Great selection. You can find them pretty cheap everywhere now days.

-Festive String. You don’t need a whole lot of this, just enough to wrap around the jars a few times.


-Felt Hearts. I got a 6-pack in the dollar spot for, you guessed it, $1. It came with 3 different shades- red, pink, and hot pink.

-Festive Filler. I love the filler I got from Hobby Lobby. It can be used for Christmas OR Valentine’s 🙂 Only $4 for a huge bag of it! You can go with any filler here. Little hearts would be cute too..


Now that we have our supplies we can start to assemble. We start by placing the felt hearts on the jars. I DO NOT hot glue them on, only because I like to reuse my jars. It would be very easy to glue them on if you want to keep these just for Valentine’s Day though.

We then wrap the string around the jars a few times to hold the hearts in place. Simply tie a knot on the back to secure in place. Once you have the heart and string in place, we can add the filler, and voila! Super cute mason jars ready for Valentine’s Day!


So I thought I’d share with you guys how this year I’ve been trying to focus a little more on what makes my heart happy. Loving my hubby is one of my main focuses, and I am always looking for little things to do for him that he might enjoy. I incorporated older pics of us when we were still dating into my mantle to bring back some sweet memories of him and I as well.

Now for the mantle reveal! Hehe, I love how it turned out..

At first I was only going to go with only reds. But once I added in some pinks, I think it really gave it just the right touch.


What do you think? Do you decorate your mantle religiously like I do? Lol, share below! And please feel free to Pin this to Pinterest! OH and don’t forget to vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs.




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  1. These jars make me wish I was having some sort of party that I could use them as favors for!

  2. This are so pretty! Nothing says I love you more than things done with your hands. Will have to make some of this for my friends! Love it!

  3. These are such a fabulous idea! I just love DIY and handmaking for Valentines makes it so much more special

  4. blair villanueva

    Wow these are soo cute! If I don’t have mason jars, i could use my there empty jars from various, juices.

  5. These are so adorable. I have been thinking about what I need to make for valentines gifts this year and these are the perfect idea.

  6. Super cute and a perfect teacher gift! I love that they are reusable too.

  7. I think that this can be a cute DIY gift for any gender. I actually might put chocolate as a filler because my boyfriend loves them. And by the way I voted for you. Best of luck!

  8. I love mason jar decorations. These look super cute and adorable! Such a great and simple idea for an easy Valentine decoration.
    Jessica recently posted…A Kindergarten ApologyMy Profile

  9. I love this! I’ve done some fun things with mason jars too.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Do People Write Thank You Letters Anymore?My Profile

    1. They’re so versatile! 🙂

  10. Ivonne

    Very cute way to decorate for Valentine’s day!! I never thought of adding decor to my mantle for VD but it looks great and I’ll have to try it out myself; looks very easy so thank you for sharing!

    1. It’s very easy! And I’m really enjoying the decor on my mantle. It’s reminds me of sweet memories of me and my honey 🙂

  11. This looks lovely! I don’t ever decorate for Valentines Day. In fact hubby and I don’t even celebrate it as both our birthdays are within a week of it.

    1. Oh wow, yes that’s a lot to do in a week! I probably wouldn’t bother either, lol.

  12. Your mantle looks amazing and so festive! I never think to decorate for Valentine’s day but this looks so pretty!

    1. Thank you! It’s my first time decorating for Valentine’s but I really love it!

  13. Great Valentine posts! The decor above the fireplace is very nice and your mason jar are great, I had no idea that the mason jar came in red. Great job!!!

    1. Thanks! I think Target had them for Valentine’s Decor last year. So I snatched them up!

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