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Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth..

A couple of weeks ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to take our kids to Disneyland. It was only for 2 days (because holy crap they are so expensive!) But nevertheless, I got some great pics that I wanted to share with you. Memories were made, laughs were shared, crazy expensive pretzels were eaten… It. Was. Awesome!

We started off with day one at Disneyland. We didn’t get the park hopper tickets, which allow you to enter into either California Adventure or Disneyland whenever you want throughout the day, but I really don’t think they are necessary. Both parks have so much to offer, you will always have something incredibly fun to do. You won’t run out at either park. And it saves you $40 per ticket. That would’ve been an additional $200 for this family. Yikes. One park per day please!

So since it is December (the best time to go!) they have everything decked out in gorgeous Christmas decor. Everything is so festive and puts you right into the Holiday spirit. You are instantly transported to a Disney winter wonderland. 


This candid photo of us is just hilarious to me. Right off the bat, Creulla De Vil came and photo bombed our picture and we could not stop laughing. It was perfect timing and the kids loved it!


Sure it was a bit crowded, but after a while you get used to all the peeps. The lines were surprisingly short. We never waited more than 30 minutes for a ride. Which is not bad AT ALL for Disneyland.


Beautiful garland everywhere..


The castle is one of my favorite places in Disneyland. They always make it look so magical. Even during the day when it’s not lit up, it looks amazing.


Right after Cruella’s photo bomb, we ran into Rapunzel!


We had to make some stops to look at pins. It’s such a fun activity for the kids to do while at the parks. A lot of the team members have lanyards filled with pins that you can go up to and trade pins with! Limit of 2.


Disney Christmas Parade is another fun must see while there. The characters come to life and we get to see them sing and dance to fun and festive music!


Okay, now to take a quick look at some of our FOOD FAVES!


While at Disneyland, it is not a REAL trip if you don’t eat the insanely expensive pretzels. I think they are $9. But well worth it! They are one of my favorite while at the park. My husband is now obsessed with the turkey legs. We tried them this trip and the one leg fed us both and our kids, lol. They are huge!



Pineapple ice cream float, you MUST get these while at Disneyland. They are so delicious and creamy!!!! Pineapple juice on the bottom topped with Pineapple ice cream. It is so good. Located in “Adventure Land”. We also had churros and I forgot to take a pic, booooooo.

Night time at Disneyland!


It’s a Small World will take your breath away. So many lights! It is stunning and perfect for pictures..


You cannot miss the fireworks show while you are at Disneyland. Another must see. PLUS, after the fireworks finale you will see snow falling from the sky (okay from machines) but still just as awesome. We don’t get snow here in Cali, except in the mountains, so that is something that’s fun for the kiddos.

California Adventure!


Pretty much everyone will tell you the best part of California Adventure is Cars Land. Disney did GOOD with building this that’s for sure. With so many rides you cannot help but spend hours just checking all it has to offer, and this is only a very small portion of this park.


With a ferris wheel, roller coaster, Toy Story Mania, Little Mermaid, Roaring Rapids, Soaring high above California, Tower of Terror, Cars Land, tons more rides I can’t even name, and a huge area with many food choices, you can EASILY spend the whole entire day checking this park out. We didn’t even make it to half of the park!



I hope you guys enjoyed my little glimpse into our family vacation. Even if life is is tough right now, I get so much joy out of making my kids smile and making their dreams come true by taking them only for a couple of days to Disney. It is well worth the money. We have priceless memories and these pictures will always bring me happiness when I look at them 🙂

Okay, your turn. What is your favorite stop while at Disneyland? Comment below!


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  1. Jamie

    Brand new to your blog! I enjoyed seeing the great pictures and it looks like you all had a great time!

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the pics 🙂

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