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Christmas at Our House 2016

2016 has been an interesting year. There have been plenty of ups and downs for this family. But no matter what challenges we faced, God was with us through it all. And even though we are still in some rough spots, He’s still with us. I can breath a huge sigh of relief knowing that God’s got His hands on all of it. But even with all of the craziness this year, we still had a fantastic Christmas.

Christmas 2016

It wasn’t the normal Christmas where we host for all of the family, but it was wonderful none the less. I am so used to hosting and not having to do basically any cooking. I know that sounds weird but we would always split the meal between family members making it easier for the hostess. Every couple brings a couple of dishes, that way the stress is off the host. 

But this year, since it was just us, the Christmas dinner was all up to me. I have never made turkey, stuffing, or even mashed potatoes. Lol. I know, I am ashamed. But I’ve just never been super interested in cooking or being fancy with food. Needless to say, I was very stressed about the meal. But I took on the challenge and gave it all I had! Tasty, thank you for your beautiful videos that make cooking a delight and so, so easy! I followed the turkey roasting video and mine came out AMAZING! Whew.. 

Christmas dinner

Have to give a shout out to the hubby for his mad carving skills. I mean come on, look at that turkey! 

Pumpkin Roll Recipe

The rest of the food somehow managed to come out perfectly as well. And I’m not just saying that, it tasted great! I do not mean to brag but holy crap, this was huge for me! God helped me out here and somehow it turned out wonderful. I’m so thankful I pushed myself and just went for it.

I had no clue accomplishing something as small as a Christmas dinner would give me so much of a boost. If you have followed any of my posts, you know times have been rough lately. And it felt so good to be acknowledged and appreciated for this meal 🙂 I felt like an okay mom, ya know? It’s been a while since I have felt like a good mom. 

Christmas kids

I have screwed up a lot in my life. And I’m kind of known for being the screw up in the family. And I have sort of accepted that fact and am actively trying to better myself as a wife, mother, sister, and daughter. We will always have things that need improving. No one is perfect. And the second you realize that, that’s when things can start to improve. At least that’s how it was for me. I stopped looking at myself and thinking about how awesome I thought I was. I started taking a step back and realizing how much I really needed to work on. 

When we put our focus on God, things change. Your mindset changes. I have overcome a lot this year. Many trials. And everyday is still a struggle. I still have many flaws. And I always will. But on days like this when you see God’s blessings, take it all in. Recognize how much you are loved and taken care of by God. He never leaves us and will always provide for us. 

I hope you all had a wonderful, joy filled Christmas. Even though it can be stressful, it is still my favorite day of the year. 🙂



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