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Happy Fall Y’all!


With fall quickly approaching, I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to summer by naming a few of my favorite things about fall (my favorite season). 

So here we go… (obvious ones first)

  • Can you say Pumpkin Spice Latte? Yes, I indeed am one of the devoted followers of the pumpkin spice latte and guess what, some of the starbucks stores are already serving it! Yippee!!!
  • The weather starts to cool, which then begins the changing color of the leaves.. Those beautiful, bright, orange, red, and yellow colors that cover the trees. Nothing better than that.
  • I FINALLY get to wear every lazy (or fashionable, however you choose to look at it :)) mom’s favorite outfit, LEGGINGS and super baggy sweaters!! OMG. I swear, I’d live year round in this if I could. But living here in central Cali makes it very difficult. Leggings and sweaters in July when it’s 110? Uhm, no thanks. I sweat enough as it is!
  • BOOTS. So if you know me, you know I adore boots. Ankle boots, heeled boots, flat boots, mid-calf boots. Boots boots boots. I love them. In every color. They are my best friends. 😀
  • Scarves. I don’t wear them all the time, but when I do, I feel super fashionable. Especially when I wear the infinity ones, lol.
  • Obvs, Halloween. So all throughout my childhood, I never celebrated Halloween. My parents were protecting us from the evil of this world and what not, which I truly do appreciate. It came from a loving place. And I mean I understand, there’s some pretty demonic stuff that people think is “cool” that you see on Halloween, which I hate. But seeing my kids dress up like Pixar characters and run around asking for candy, it brings me joy. And lots of it! Not to mention I myself enter a candy coma for at least 2 days following.
  • My Birthday 😀 Yes, I am an October baby. And I love it. My birthday comes right before all the Holidays and it’s kind of my ready set go moment. I know after the bday, it’s time to start shopping! And this year, it’s a milestone birthday. That’s right, the big 30. Yikes!
  • Fall brings about that Holiday spirit. You know, the one that makes you feel all warm and happy inside. I can’t explain it. I always remember smiling ear to ear when we would drive around in our family’s car and look at Christmas lights, or when we would watch the leaves fall. It just makes you feel good.

  • Baking. I enjoy baking. And it’s hard to turn on the oven everyday when it’s 100 outside. No one wants that hot food. But come Fall, when that cool weather hits, the family eats up all that warm goodness. My favorite things to bake this time of year? Banana bread, peanut butter cookies, fun treats that look like pumpkins, etc..
  • Decorating. Oh goodness, I LOVE decorating for this season. Pumpkins, burlap, leaves, wreaths, there’s so much you can do with it. I’ll be getting up a Fall decorating post up soon, so keep your eye out for that! And since I worked at Pier 1 last year for the season, I got a ton of good stuff with my discount! LOL. So watch out, this year is going to be a decorating party for me!
  • Making a campfire in the backyard is also a fun way to enjoy the cold, brisk weather. Getting all snuggly under a blanket with my love? Yes please!

I think that’s a pretty good round up. If I think of more, I’ll be sure to add it.. What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Do you have a family tradition that you always do this time of year? Comment below!

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  1. I LOVE fall too, although it doesn’t really feel like fall until Decemeber in FL. Haha!

    1. Oh my gosh, it’s funny because it’s still in the 90’s here too. But I don’t care danget, it’s September! Lol

  2. Definitely roasting smores by a camp fire! Playing in the leaves is always fun and just enjoying the crispness of the day.

    1. SMORES! My favorite…. mmmm now I’m hungry..

  3. Elizabeth O.

    How can we all not be excited for Fall! There’s so much to celebrate. I’m excited for all the holidays that we’re going to be welcoming this season!

    1. Absolutely! My favorite time of the year 🙂

  4. Nicole Escat

    Fall is a very special season. We used to enjoy the fallen leaves in my grandma’s backyard when I was a kid.

    1. Aww, fun! If we had big trees in our yard I know my kids would love jumping through the fallen leaves..

  5. I love the fall. I enjoy bringing out the comfy sweaters to cuddle up in.

    1. Oh my goodness yes. Plus, for me they hide the extra lbs. I gain from Thanksgiving and Christmas! lol

  6. I love fall! I love all the sights and smells and the fact that it is drawing us closer to the holiday season which I just LOVE.

    1. Ahhh the sights and smells.. There is just nothing prettier than seeing the bright orange and red. I absolutely love it.

  7. I’m drinking my #PSL as I read this post. So ready for fall!

  8. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and the return of jeans and hoodies 🙂 My daughter has an October birthday too. Thanks for the reminder of all of the exciting stuff that Fall brings 🙂
    Jed Jurchenko recently posted…Clinging to Faith: How I Survived Body Dysmorphic Disorder’s Horror and Started LivingMy Profile

    1. October bday’s are the best 😉

  9. I love this list… But I have to say, I’ve never tried pumpkin spice latte… And I have no idea where to find it XD

    1. You MUST try the PSL. Like now. Go. Starbucks.

  10. I love all the things you said–except that it’s not my birthday. But it is my daughter’s!

    1. Well hey, that’s just as good. Celebrating your kids birthday’s are more fun anyways 🙂

  11. my favorite thing to do in the fall is sit under a light lap blanket sipping my cappuccino and reading a good book.
    Mary Burris recently posted…#BOTB Jorge Duran vs Bernie WilliamsMy Profile

    1. Honestly, I wish I was a bigger reader, lol. I do most of my reading on my mac. That counts right?

  12. We usually try to get out to an orchard to get some apple cider and donuts! Plus, love going to a few family hayrides and get together a with bonfires! Fall is my favorite time of year as well!
    Steven recently posted…Why You Shouldn’t Loan Money To Friends and FamilyMy Profile

    1. Okay, these sound awesome. This is something I need to do with my kids ASAP!

  13. My friends have been o excited for fall too. Unfortunatly here its really grey for us.

    1. Hey that’s okay, grey can be beautiful too.. The chilly, crisp weather cheers anyone up!

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