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Last Year of My Twenties Bucket List *Update*

So it occurred to me recently (by email from a Mexican restaurant offering me a half birthday burrito coupon), that I am somehow halfway through the last year of my twenties. I was shocked to say the least. How has 6 months already gone by??? I revisited my post from last October to see how many things I could check off my bucket list, and I’ve gotta say, I’m doing a horrible job! I seriously need to step it up!

Last Year of my 20's Bucket List -

Go here to see my post from Oct that has the original list I made.. And now that you’ve seen the list, here’s what I can cross off…

  • Trying out a new cocktail (probably the lamest thing on the list! LOL)

IMG_5489 2

Gotta say, Cosmo’s are AWESOME. My newest obsession! They are delightful. So I’m definitely giving this task a thumbs up 🙂

Second on my list to get checked off

  •  Wearing a bikini out in public and not being ashamed.

(Maybe the cosmo helped with the letting loose aspect of this task). Regardless, I did it and it felt invigorating! I am slowly realizing that I simply do not care what other people think of my body. I’m OK with my flaws. And I try to take care of myself by hitting the gym frequently, so why not just go for it?!  It wasn’t the beach, it had a lot MORE people and was the Caesar’s Pool in Vegas. Which is a lot more intimidating. People dress to impress in Vegas, lemme tell ya..

IMG_5490 2

Yup, I’ve got a little tum tum and I’m not afraid to admit it. Ya know what, after having three kids and having a little tummy, I’m kind of proud of it! The scars remind us women of what we went through to bring our little devi.. I mean angels, into this world. And I need the reminder. I went through hell, all three pregnancies. With DIFFERENT symptoms each child. It was rough. My last was the roughest. But we pull through. I pulled through. And I’m in a bikini. Yeah, that’s right. I’m not a size 2, scar free, or without cellulite. And that’s okay with me. When did it become okay to be so critical of our bodies??? Let’s give ourselves a break shall we?


I sat there and ate chicken tenders with ranch dip and was like, yeah what’s up.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve crossed off my list!!! Oh geez I’ve got to do better than this! Feel free to comment to me with some motivation here…. I’ve got 10 more things on my list.. I CAN DO THIS! What’s on your bucket list???

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