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Giving up is NOT an option

We’ve all been there before. Whether we are talking about something small like a project or something that is more serious. We’ve all been to the point where we just want to give up and say “screw it, I’m done.”

I’m actually feeling like that right now. With my marriage. Why on earth would I be telling the world this? It’s personal and something that I wouldn’t want anyone to know. But maybe being open and honest will allow other woman to admit they’ve felt that way before too. And it’s normal.

My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years now. NINE. LONG. YEARS. Yes, that sounds depressing when I say it like that. But, it hasn’t ALL been bad. I mean, at least I know what our problems are. Communication and trying to change the other person. It’s fairly simple. Yet, we still struggle with it. Probably because we aren’t proactive enough in fixing the problems. I mean, you’d think after being with someone so long it would actually be easy right? You know that person better than anyone else. You know what makes them tick, makes them laugh, makes them cry, makes them hate your guts. And sometimes, (a lot of the time) you use that power to hurt the other person. It’s awful. And shameful. And embarrassing. But we all do it.

So, since this is so hard, why not just throw in the towel? Every message today is “Do what makes you happy”. I even saw this as wall art at one of my favorite shopping destinations. I get it, you only have one life right? Might as well be happy? Uhhh, right? Who said that being married to someone and having difficult times won’t make you the happiest you’ve ever been? Just because you go through a rough patch this week, this month, maybe this year, it doesn’t mean  happiness is not possible and you should give up.

In fact, God tells us specifically to NOT give up!

2 Chronicles 15_7

Giving up is the easiest way to solve problems. I know this personally because I’m a pro at it. I’ve given up on so many ventures in my life it’s pathetic. I come up with these new ideas and try for maybe a month and then inevitably end up quitting. I hate that about myself. But my marriage is something I’ve never quit or given up on. And I’m proud of that. When I tell people how long I’ve been married and how young I am, they are shocked. Every single time. Married for almost 10 years? That’s like, so not normal.

I like being abnormal. I like doing what people think is “weird” nowadays. I am only 29, married 9 years, and have three kids. According to the world, I’m weird. And I’m okay with that. The last thing I want to do is give up on that! 😉

Marriage is one of the hardest thing you can ever do in your life. It just is. Unless you let God take control and lead your marriage for you, it will always be a struggle. I like to think I know everything, but I have come to the realization I am incredibly foolish. I know nothing. I am so ignorant when it comes to marriage. God knows all. So why am I relying on myself as if I have any type of clue. I don’t. And neither does my husband.

Giving up the fight to be right all the time and giving all your struggles and wants and desires to God sounds easier, doesn’t it? In a way, I guess you could say I am giving up. I’m giving up everything in my life to God. Because I trust Him and know that He and He alone will take care of me. I can’t keep relying on my husband to fulfill my needs. God can do that.

Don’t give up on things in your life. Whether it’s your marriage or some type of goal you’ve been working towards. God’s there. God’s gotcha. So just keep going….

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