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Top 10 Posts of 2015

Well it’s the first week of January in 2016, can you believe it?! So much has happened this past year and I wanted to do a quick recap of my top blog posts of 2015! So I headed to Google Analytics and here’s what I found was the most popular. Let’s start with #10 and end with the BEST POST OF 2015! Drum role please……..

Top Posts of 2015


#10 “8 Things I Want my Boys to Know Before Marriage”

I looked at my boys and thought, what if I wasn’t here to tell them everything I’d like to before I go. Kind of weird, maybe. But this heartfelt post came from that exact thought.

#9 “Last Year of my 20’s Bucket List”

Turning 29 stirs up a lot of emotions. Especially the realization of just how much you HAVEN’T done and accomplished. Hence this list.

#8 “7 Ways to Respect Your Husband”

This was one of my first posts from 2015. One of my first after starting my blog actually 🙂 And it’s still one of my favorites. I’m so glad it resonated with people! It came from my heart and I still work at it everyday to be a respectful wife.

#7 “How to Stay Sane When You’re a Stay-at-Home Mom”

This one speaks for itself. Being a mom is hard enough, but being a stay-at-home full-time is a freaking TOUGH job. Here’s my view on how to keep everything together and not go bananas.

#6 “The Most Bomb Diggity Chicken Parmesan”

My hubby makes the most delicious chicken parmesan. Check out the recipe!!

#5 “Filipino Chicken and Pork Adobo”

Another one of my guy’s creations. So yumzies…

#4 “Dear Mom in Target With The Screaming Child”

I kind of love this post. It came to e after seeing a mom struggling in the store with her not so well behaved child (we’ve all been there), and she handled it like a boss!

#3 “6 Things I Learned From 6 Months of Blogging”

I learned a lot in those first 6 months. And I’m coming up on my first year. Stay tuned to see my “first year of blogging” post 😉

#2 “8 Things People Need to Stop Posting on Facebook”

It was one of those days where I was sick and tired of seeing the crap people post on facebook. Maybe all those boob selfies were just making me jealous because I have mom boobs. Who knows. But here’s what ensued!

And here we go…. Top post of 2015!!!!

#1 “5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise”

I’m going to be focusing a lot more in these coming weeks on fitness and how I manage to stay at a healthy weight after 3 kids.. Stay tuned 😉

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  1. Your blog is a success, very complete. Ahhh when passion is there, everything is 🙂

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