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Guys, I’m so excited to share with you a fun guest post from the woman behind “Kid-ganize! – Teaching Kids To Be Organized”! Kristi has published four books highlighting organization techniques, so you know she is an expert in her field! You can find all of her books on Amazon here. Be sure to check them out after you’ve read her guest post below!

And I’m even more excited about that fact that she will be giving away a paperback copy of her book “Kid-ganize! – Teaching Kids To Be Organized”. Enter below for a chance to win this incredibly helpful and informative book!

Top 10 Organization Tips from a Highschooler Just One Mommy's Opinion(1)

~TOP 10 Organization Tips From A 10th Grader~

In the book “Kid-ganize! – Teaching Kids To Be Organized” I talk about new mom organization, getting toddlers started and helping school aged kids keep going with independently organizing for life. I also include organization stories because stories are something people can relate to and connect with, without instructions. That’s why I wanted to bring you this Q & A today.

I recently interviewed a high school 10th grader to check in on real-life organization from the front lines to see how he’s staying organized.


Kristi: What helps you remember events and due-outs at school?

Stephen: #1 Technology helps me stay organized because teachers send updates to students’ phones. At the beginning of the year they ask for everyone’s phone number and email address and I would say it’s important to get on that list. Their digital reminders and updates are a big part of remembering.
Kristi: What other way does technology help you stay organized and how do you keep from getting distracted and playing games instead of using it for school?

Stephen: #2 Having classmates’ information plugged into my computer and phone is a fast way to reach out for help without having to look for a long time, or worse, wait until the next day. I do get distracted and play games, but in between doing important things too so, it’s a necessary evil I guess.

Kristi: How do you remember what’s due with eight classes?

Stephen: #3 The school daily planner doesn’t work for me, it never has. I won’t look at it, I just won’t and I stopped fighting it last year, even though teachers think that’s the tool we should use and get upset when we don’t. I use 1” three-ring binders for each class that have all the information I need. My main classes are held on alternate days, four and four, so I have to carry only four binders in my backpack per day.

Kristi: How does being organized at home help you stay organized at school?

Stephen: #4 Keeping your room at least organized by “pile” helps when you need to grab and go or find parts of assignments to finish a project.

Kristi: Is there any tool or setup at home that helps you be independent?

Stephen: #5 Having an oversized paper family calendar helps to reduce the number of times I have to ask my parents what is happening or what my chores are if I have too many things on my mind. My mom is the one who fills in all the reminders for each month and if she forgot that it would throw me off.

Kristi: Is there anything else that helps you stay organized in general?

Stephen: #6 Having a set routine, or close to set routine, helps to remember things both at home and at school.

Kristi: How do you remember all that’s going on in your life with school, chores and a social life?

Stephen: #7 I rely on my memory. It’s not a perfect answer, but after I get reminded from my phone or email and family and friends, it’s up to me to just remember and do it.

Kristi: What are your typical chores at home?

Stephen: #8 I am supposed to walk the dog everyday. I’m also in charge of cleaning my room and doing all my own laundry. Other than that, I’m expected to pitch in with things like yard work, general cleaning or watching my little brother when asked. I get to mostly everything, but know what’s expected of me.

Kristi: What motivates you to keep going?

Stephen: #9 Nothing positive really motivates me right now. I get rewards like money and Starbucks, but I think the idea of getting in trouble and getting cut off from my phone or computer pushes me more.

Kristi: Any last words of “organization wisdom” for others?

Stephen: #10 Throw things away. I keep a garbage can in my room and I’m not afraid to use it! The less I have to sort through or deal with the less stressed I’m when I’m in a hurry to find things.

Written By: Kristi Pelzel, Author


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  1. How cool is it to get the point of view from a teen. 🙂 My girls were very organized in high school….the guys, not so much. :). My youngest is in college now but she can still use these tips :).

    Great give-away too!
    Corina Ramos recently posted…If you Miss the Outside World-Tips for the New SAHMMy Profile

    1. Haha, I’m afraid both of my older kids are taking after me, very unorganized. That’s why I’ll be using this book to help get them into some good habits 😉

  2. Fun to get this information from their perspective! I remember I was SUPER organized in highschool and I think we forget sometimes that younger people can have it figured out too!
    Devon @ Devon Victoria recently posted…Facing the Fear of FailureMy Profile

    1. Absolutely! Teenagers sometimes don’t get enough credit 🙂

  3. Ana

    Hi, I liked your post. I am very organised person but my husband is completely opposite…I have to teach him all these skills so that my home could be more organized…:D

    1. It’s funny because my husband and I are both unorganized, which makes for a messy house, lol. But this book is perfect for our kids. Gotta teach them early!

  4. My twins are a little young, but my oldest could definitely use some help getting organized. His room is constantly a mess! I’d love to read him this book and get things in order.
    Shann Eva recently posted…Meet Danielle of Serene MomMy Profile

    1. My kids are so unorganized, just like their mama! I think it’s never too early to start! Or too late in my case 😉

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