Sum It Up Saturday 6/20

I want to start writing a weekly post that sums up my week in a fun way that my readers will enjoy! So here we go, introducing my very first “Sum It Up Saturday”! In the future I will be looking into adding a link-up to this as well where you can feature your favorite posts from the week..

Sum It Up Saturday! Just One Mommy's Opinion

This week Charles and I took a big step in our walk with God and dedicated our kids to raising them according to God’s Word at our church. I was actually really nervous getting up in front of the entire congregation, but we have both been wanting to do this for so long, it was time to step up, get brave, and do it! Some of our extended family was even there to share in the joy we had! Our kids were little hams, of course, they are their Mama’s kids! They looked adorable and we all matched with our blue outfits going on! They love getting up in front of people and enjoy all of the applause. It was a lot of fun. Shout out to our fantastic church New Covenant Community Church.

Baby Dedication New Covenant Community Church


(Pastor Scott Borman featured in picture)

Then came a week full of fun with our kids attending VBA, normally known as VBS (Vacation Bible School) but at our church it is Vacation Bible Academy. Changing it up 😉 so every morning from 9am to 12:30, I had some quiet time. Or at least it was supposed to be. My 10 month old is teething terribly and has been a bit moody lately. Not to mention I’ve been doing a LOT more cooking lately as well, which took up a lot of my time. But it was fun having only my little one to myself for a week! That’s very rare with three kids.  READY FOR VBA!Ready for VBA!


I have also been very successful in my weight loss journey since giving birth to my youngest. Charles and I joined a gym and I have lost 10lbs as a result of going consistently for a month and cutting out soda, chips, junk food, everything that’s unhealthy. I am toning up and feel AMAZING! I’m going to start posting how I exercise, how long I’m doing each machine, and show you guys what I’m eating, so you can achieve success in your weight loss journey as well!


I hope you had a wonderful, successful week and look forward to hearing your thought of my new weekly link-up idea! Please comment and tell me your greatest SUCCESS this week!

This is what weight loss success looks like! Tone it up!!

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  1. Hi! I just clicked over from Twitter and wanted to mention that our church is part of the Covenant denomination, too (in CO). I like “Sum if up Saturday” 🙂 Nice ring to it! 🙂
    Brooke recently posted…News flash: Florida in June is Hot & HumidMy Profile

    1. Hi Brooke, thanks for the comment, That’s awesome you’re part of the new covenant community! I love our church 🙂 And I’m glad you like the name for my weekly posts! I appreciate the input.

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