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Paper Airplane Saturday

Paper Airplane Saturday

My husband and I are always looking for fun, NEW things to do with the kids that are inexpensive and can keep our 3 kids entertained for longer than 5 minutes. Have you guys ever tried making paper airplanes with your kids? They sound almost too easy of a craft to do, it seems every time I go on Pinterest the kids activities are getting more and more complicated. Fun, but complicated. I love that all this consists of is paper. That’s it!  Paper Airplane Saturday | Just One Mommy's Opinion

Now days, all kids want to do is sit in front of the T.V., play with their xbox’s, or play with Ipads, mine included. It’s hard to get them to want to go play outside. We don’t have a front yard or a  backyard, it’s a very small house right there on the street with all of the other houses crammed together (part of us trying to save money right now is sacrificing house size, read about it here). So basically, our kids can only play in the street while we are closely watching them. Not ideal. So any excuse to walk to the park when the weather is nice is a must!

This past Saturday, we decided to do a fun craft with the kids and take them to the park! We looked online and found awesome paper airplane designs online and went from there! The kids grabbed some printer paper and we made about 10-15 airplanes, different designs and different sizes. They are so quick to make! Then, we headed to the park…

Please enjoy our pics from our family excursion. And go do this with your kids immediately, they will love it!

Paper Airplane Saturday | Just One Mommy's Opinion

My daughter did color a few of them before we left, because she’s creative and cute like that..

The Kiddos In Action | Just One Mommy's OpinionThis is what I call getting your kids active! They were having a blast..

Paper Airplane Family Fun _ Just One Mommy's OpinionEven our dog Ellie was enjoying the nice weather.. Ahhh Spring…

Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as we enjoyed being outside in the arm sun, playing with our airplanes!

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  1. My boys love making paper airplanes. What a great idea to bring them to the park.
    tara pittman recently posted…How To Make Bake Potatoes In A Slow CookerMy Profile

    1. Bringing them outside was really great, the wind made them fly better!

  2. Sounds like a fun family activity. I love your pictures. My boys have the Star Wars folded flyers book, and yesterday we made some flyers. Perfect for a rainy day too. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday link up.
    Rachel recently posted…Small Victories Sunday Link Up- 47My Profile

    1. Thanks for having me on Small Victories Sunday Link Up!

  3. I am not good at making airplanes that actually fly. But it looks like you had a great time!
    Tammy @ creativekkids recently posted…Devotional Reading and Thoughts for April 25, 2015My Profile

    1. We did 🙂 And they are surprisingly easy to make!

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