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8 Things People Need To Stop Posting On Facebook

Since I am a blogger and have several social media accounts, I am on Facebook everyday. And every single day I am faced with one annoying, disturbing post after the other. Please, PLEASE stop doing this on Facebook. It is driving me and everyone else you know FREAKING CRAZY.

8 Things People Need To Stop Posting On Facebook

  • The Oh So Popular “Cleavage Selfie” ~ Look, we get it, you have enormous boobs. But you’re a mom, do you really need to put that up on the internet for your kids to see? And we don’t need 800 of the same freaking boob shot.
  • The Annoying Vague Update ~ “I can’t believe that just happened to me. #WorstDayEver”, “What happened? You ok?”, “I can’t talk about it. Sorry” If you can’t talk about it, WHY ARE POSTING IT ON FACEBOOK? Keep it to your self, attention seeking snob.
  • Liar Liar, Pants On Fire ~ You can try as hard as you want to make statements on Facebook and think that people don’t know the truth, but news flash, if they are your actual friends, they know it’s not true! This drives me bonkers. Especially when it’s lies that make them look like saints. You’re not gonna get points upstairs, I’ll tell you that right now.
  • Constant Bragging ~ This one is rough because I know people like to post uplifting things, things that are happy and going on in their lives, but for others, it might just be the most annoying thing in the world. No, we do not need to see the new $800 Iphone you got the day it came out, your new $50,000 car, your brand new designer clothes. NO. We don’t want or need to see those things! So stop shoving them in our faces!!!
  • Checking In EVERYWHERE ~ I don’t need to know you’re at the grocery store, the dentist, your kids soccer game every time your there. Spread them out a little! It’s overwhelming.
  • Grammatical Errors~ I beg of you, BEG of you, learn how to spell or get off the freaking internet.
  • Quack Quack ~ Has the duck face selfie ended yet? For some reason I’m still seeing too many duck faces to count. You guys know it is unattractive, right? It just is. Save those for the 13 year olds.
  • Inappropriate images and videos ~ This one BY FAR is the one I hate the most. Okay, some day my kids will have facebook accounts, and I don’t need their family members, who I want them to respect, posting disgusting, inappropriate  images or videos (which by the way immediately start playing when you scroll past them), in their faces. I understand not everyone we know has the same views as we do, but this one seems obvious! Please stop posting pictures of almost naked women, PLEASE.

~ Things I DO want to see on Facebook ~

  • Pictures ~ Appropriate ones of course. I never get tired of looking at pics of you and your growing family.
  • Milestones ~ If something huge and amazing just happened in your life, please share! We want to be happy for you when something awesome happens. Just don’t overdo it and realize when you are posting too much.
  • Encouraging Thoughts ~ I really enjoy when I see Bible verses, or quotes that can uplift and encourage. Keep them coming!
  • Questions ~ I love how we can go to facebook and find great advice and ideas for different things.

I hope you can take my little post here with a humorous viewpoint. Did I miss any annoying facebook posts? Add them in the comments!!!

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  1. or maybe more a case of trying to get people to self-limit their usage (or measuring to see if people self limit in response to warnings of overage charges)… evil, I tell ya.

  2. i think what worries me most on FB is when people don’t follow rules of internet safety–like not announcing to the internet that you’re leaving on vacation tomorrow. I never turn on any location or “check in” feature for that reason.
    Rachel G recently posted…If I Were a Niche Blogger…My Profile

    1. I am so guilty of posting when I go out of town. I have got to stop doing that!!

  3. I agree with most of these, especially the duck face and the cleavage. lol
    Cristi Marashi recently posted…Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci (Cookbook Review)My Profile

  4. Ha — what a cute post idea! I was going to tell you which #’s I most agreed with — but I pretty much agree with them all! FB certainly gives us all something to talk about when we’re not actually on it, doesn’t it? 🙂
    Susan recently posted…The Love Letters: ReviewMy Profile

  5. AMEN! To alllll of those! I also learned the term ‘wealthy selfie’ which is also a pet peeve now 🙂
    Brooke recently posted…MAKE: Great Uses for Fabric ScrapsMy Profile

    1. Wealthy Selfie?! Oh geez, why?? Haha

  6. I really enjoyed your post and couldn’t agree more! Best regards!
    Nancy x
    Nancy Bell recently posted…Solo Beach DayMy Profile

  7. My pet peeve is young girls showing too much. It will come back to them later.
    tara pittman recently posted…Veggie Burgers Made From TeffMy Profile

    1. Oh goodness, yes this is just plain wrong. When my kids are old enough for a facebook account (maybe 12 or 13), you can bet I will be on there snooping like crazy making sure I know exactly what’s going on.

  8. Oh my goodness…this is priceless!!! SO TRUE!! We need to make a rule book for these dorks to follow!! Love it!
    Jamie recently posted…Recipes & More! “Beer Brats in a Blanket” – #TastyTuesdayMy Profile

  9. Great post! I agree with all of the above!! It would make facebook much more pleasant!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

  10. I am not on social Facebook, i.e. I only have it for my blog’s Facebook fan page. BUT I do check in everywhere. Why? Discounts! Case in point; Just last night my husband and I went to a wine bar. If you check in – it’s publicity for the bar, so they give you 50% off a glass of wine. A LOT of places do that, so I check in. We love unlocking little discounts wherever we go!
    Heather recently posted…April-the Month of the Military Child: An Open Letter to my Bonus DaughtersMy Profile

    1. I too have checked in for a good discount 🙂 Can’t pass up a good deal!

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