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10 Surefire Ways To Get Baby To Sleep

Having a newborn is hard. Not being able to get enough sleep makes daily activities that much harder for moms and dads. During the first 3 months of life, your baby is not able sleep through the night. They must eat every 1-3 hours. And unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about that. But after 3 months when their bodies are able to sleep for longer periods at a time, how do you break the habit of your baby waking up a million times a night? 10 Ways To Get Baby To Sleep

Surefire Ways To Get Your Baby To Sleep!

  1. Baby Einstein all the way. No, I am not being compensated for mentioning Baby Einstein (maybe I should!). If you turn on a certain musical player that plays the SAME music every night for your child, it will in turn cue a signal to their brain saying, “okay, it’s night night time.” I swear, it works.
  2. Feed him 15 minutes before bed! This may be obvious but a full tummy keeps that baby happy and asleep! Just what Mama wants 🙂 Make sure you burp them so they don’t have spit up during sleep.
  3. Make sure that diaper is CLEAN. No one wants to try to go to sleep while sitting in their own pee. Would you?! Of course not.
  4. Keep the temp just right. Make sure the room is not too cold, not too hot.
  5. Binky time. AKA, the mute button. Go ahead and judge. I don’t care. My babies love binkies and all of them quit at 2 with absolutely NO problem. So yeah, they use binkies.
  6. Stick to a schedule! Make sure you are putting them down for naps and to bed at the SAME time every day. I understand stuff comes up and that’s not always possible. But try your best! Their internal clocks will take note and realize it’s time to sleepy sleep.
  7. Don’t give in to the wimpers. We all have baby monitors now days, so use them! You can see if your baby needs you or if he is just begging to be picked up. Don’t give in! Be strong. It’s OKAY to let them cry a little. I know it’s hard, but it’s worth it in the end when they don’t have to be held, rocked, bottle fed to sleep!
  8. Leave the room calmly and quietly. When I put my baby down, I give him his binky, give him a big kiss, turn on his music, and say “Goodnight my love, have a good nap” in a calm and soothing voice. It keeps them calm and relaxed.
  9. Don’t give naps before 8am or after 6pm. This is pretty obvious for me but apparently a lot of parents do this! If you want them to sleep through the night you can’t give them naps too early or too late.
  10. Make sure the room is nice and dark. Can you sleep with all the lights on? Neither can I. So turn them off for your little one too. A night light would be appropriate.

And with those easy steps, your babies will be on their way to sleeping through the night! Please comment if you have more suggestions on how to get babies to sleep better!


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  1. #7 is the hardest. 4 kids later and I still have to remind myself they are ok, a little crying won’t hurt them!

    1. JustOneMommysOpinion

      Yes, it really is! I hate leaving my babies to cry for a little bit. But in the end it really does help them.

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