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How I Spent Valentine’s Day

As a parent, who has time for all that extra affection and extra display of love on Valentine’s Day? I know I don’t! When you are a parent to three small kids, you barely have time to brush your own teeth. Let alone plan a romantic getaway or private dinner for two.

My Valentine’s morning consisted of making a special breakfast for my three kids, setting out their little Valentine’s trinkets that I purchased at Target, and getting all three kids ready for my sons Basketball game at 10am. My hubby works nights so it’s just me in the morning until he gets home. It was hectic, it was noisy, it was a typical Saturday morning. And as the day went on it was just as hectic.roses

When you are a parent, holidays are no longer about you. They are about your little “angels” who drive you crazy day in and day out. They are your world now. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Seeing them smile and get excited when they see their boxes of candy gives me such joy.

I did make an effort this year and tried to make something nice and fancy happen that was just for me and my husband. And here’s what happened..

..After hearing my hubby would be off on Valentine’s, I went searching the web to find the nicest, fanciest restaurant in town that still had reservations available. I called probably 5 different restaurants, all with no success. Apparently you’re supposed to book for Valentine’s like, two months prior. I ain’t got time for that! I finally ended up calling a gorgeous restaurant that I’ve always wanted to try. They only had an 8:30pm reservation available. I thought to myself, okay yes, this is past my bed time. But it’s Valentine’s Day! We have to do it! I booked it and couldn’t have been more excited to go! Called the babysitter, AKA my Mom, and she was good to go. I had finally planned a romantic Valentine’s dinner that was going to be wonderful!

Then as the day got closer and closer, I started feeling weird about it. My husband HATES fancy restaurants. He feels out of place, or some crap like that. Dumb I know. He’s incredibly hot and sexy. But I didn’t want him feeling uncomfortable the whole time. And then I started thinking about how we are really, REALLY trying to pay off debt right now and this huge food bill probably won’t help. And then realized that by 8:30 I have normally already passed out on the couch by accident. So, was this really worth it?

To enjoy your special someone on Valentine’s, or any day for that matter, does it have to be at a fancy restaurant, with expensive food that wouldn’t even fill you up because it’s like three bites?!

Love does not come from what someone buys you, or where someone takes you. It’s about the everyday stuff. It’s about showing up for that person when they need you.

Song of Solomon 1:2
“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine.” (NIV)

Sneaking kisses in (or an occasional butt squeeze), bringing home their favorite drink, making them something from scratch, or even cooking for them. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Some people need hugs and kisses to know they are loved, like me, I am definitely a touchy feely person, and Charles knows that, so he goes out of his way to give me what I need. Hugs and kisses, and even sweet texts.. I love those too! What girl doesn’t? And for him, he likes different things. He knows I love him when I cook for him. It may sound weird but he has told me he never feels more loved then when I cook for him.

Do we need to dress up all fancy and go to expensive restaurants? Nope. Just seeing my husband there everyday for me is all that I need. Okay, the flowers every once in a while make me feel great too. Don’t get too caught up with “stuff” on Valentine’s Day. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate your love for all that he or she is. SHOW your love this Valentine’s. It’ll mean more. Trust me.
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